Exactly how exercise stimulates the heart revealed AHA Journals: Exercise improves heart function by stimulating the vagus nerve 11:40

Scientists from the University of Auckland in the US found that the activity of the vagus nerve increases during exercise, which improves the heart’s pumping function. Research results published In AHA Journals.

The vagus nerve is part of the human parasympathetic nervous system. This is the nerve that originates from the jugular vein of the skull and travels through the neck into the thoracic and abdominal cavities. It is the vagus nerve that is responsible for steady heart rhythm, proper breathing, and proper sweating. It also plays a role in the functioning of digestion. American scientists found that this nerve also plays an important role during physical activity.

Researchers explained that during physical activity, the sympathetic nervous system is activated to increase heart rate and strength, while the parasympathetic nervous system, which aims to save energy, is not active. However, the vagus nerve, the main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system, remains active. Scientists have found that it stimulates the heart’s ability to pump blood.

The main function of the heart is pumping. The heart muscle ensures constant blood flow throughout the body. The function of blood is to carry oxygen to all organs and tissues whose needs increase during exercise or other physical activities.

The vagus nerve connects the brain to the heart and other internal organs, including the intestines. Scientists have found that VIP peptide (intestinal peptide) is synthesized in the intestines during exercise. It helps widen the coronary vessels, allowing more blood to pass through the heart.

In future studies, scientists will try to find out whether this ability of the vagus nerve can be used to increase exercise capacity in heart failure.

It was before named A new risk factor for coronary heart disease.

Source: Gazeta


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