Government leaves without realizing 60% of planned investments in Valencia Community

Each fall, with every budget detailing in the Cabinet and subsequent debate in Congress, a percentage rises as the cornerstone of Valencia’s demands: to receive 10% of regional investments. The figure has been obtained in recent years, but just because it’s written on paper doesn’t mean it was made on the ground.

The already known financing and investment infrastructure per capita, Community of Valencia adds little execution. Or in other words: not fulfilling everything promised. The latest government-provided data comes out on this, and of the 1,107 million committed in spreadsheets of 2021 accounts, only 469 were executed.

Only 42% of what was committed for the last year was spent in the 12 months that made it up. Implementation by the State (i.e. Government), different legal entities and public companies such as Renfe or Adif. This means that almost six out of every 10 euros planned for projects in the Valencia region are not spent.

The situation surpasses the Community of Valencia in this section, with Andalusia one point above Asturias and six points above Catalonia, but far from Madrid at 184%, practically doubling the 1.134m euros allocated in bills .

In fact, when the budget debate heats up, the aim is to approach regional investments, which represent the population weight of the Valencian Community in Spain and remain at roughly 10%; The actual data of the works carried out is half, 5.5%.

Thus, in the General State Budgets approved by the Council of Ministers and supported by two representative chambers, the Community of Valencia is 9.1%, despite receiving an investment of 1.107 million euros out of 12.135 million that can be regionalized between different autonomies; one year after the implementation, this rate decreases from 8,437 to 469 million, from 5.5% in projects.

Source: Informacion


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