Wyoming returns to ‘El Intermedio’ and explains the reason for his absence: “I became the father of a little boy”

After being absent for health reasons last week, this Greater Wyoming He came back last night to put himself before him’Search’. Tuesday to Thursday, the host replaced by Dani Mateo returned and humorously explained why he left the show.

“The news of the day is that I’m alive!”, the server exclaimed at the beginning of the program. Wyoming took the opportunity to thank everyone who worried about his absence, and he finally got away with a vignette.

Wyoming came out with a “boy” wrapped in a blanket and crying: “If I wasn’t able to present the show last week, it was because I was the father of a little creature,” the host later said: “I mean kidney stone.”Oh my little girl,” the driver continued to joke.

I assure you it hurts a lotbut it makes up for it: look, Nailed to dad! We have the same face… it’s hard!”, continued with a lot of irony. Finally, Wyoming said goodbye to his ‘creature’: “It’s time to be free… fuck it!”.

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