Soler strengthens socialist group’s control over advisors in State Parliament

Significant movement in the PSPV-PSOE group in the Provincial Council of Alicante. Two of the four advisors the Socialists currently have will be dismissed. Those leaving are Gerard Ortiz and Juan Antonio Nieves. Sources in the provincial leadership say his departure was due to “professional reasons.” His post at the state institution will be filled by Sandra Martín, former member of parliament in the Valencian Cortes, and Gema Fos, councilor in the Elche City Council.

This move did not go unnoticed by the Alicante socialists. First of all, it appears that this is a stunt by the provincial secretary, Alejandro Soler, to make it clear that he has control over the Provincial Assembly group by placing two like-minded individuals among the advisors. Although there were voices within the team supporting Soler’s decision and highlighting the work done by the Alicante woman in recent years, the appointments, especially Martín’s, caused some discomfort.

Angel Franco

The person who will henceforth be the socialist advisor in the State Assembly was once close to the former senator Ángel Franco, but when it coincided with the socialists’ state congress, he moved away from him and moved to the Soler sector. Martín is currently deputy state secretary of the PSPV and also part of the Federal Committee, which gives a good example of his weight at the organic level. He was a deputy in the Cortes in the previous two legislatures, both Botànic Governments, but was not part of the regional list this year.

Martín’s betrayal of Franco and his treatment of Soler were particularly notable. This movement took shape after the failure of negotiations with the mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, between the two blocs that participated in the last provincial primaries of the PSPV for the post of General Secretary, the losing bloc headed by Soler himself. front. The results of these primaries were very close; This revealed the strong division in the state between the two major blocs between Soler and the general secretary and former president of the Generalitat. Ximo Puig.

Martín’s defenders point out that his career supports him becoming the new adviser to the socialist group in the State Assembly, given his experience as a deputy in the regional parliament in the last two legislative assemblies. However, this fact did not allow him to become part of the list proposed by the socialists for Alicante. regional elections On 28 May, marking a change of cycle in the Valencian Community, People’s Party. Martín’s supporters also criticize his claim Puig Independent profiles led to their separation from political lists such as Alicante.

The appointment of a council member in Elche Gema Fos as an advisor to the Provincial Assembly also attracted attention. Fos is part of the socialist group in the municipality of Elche, which is currently in opposition after eight years in power in Elche. In the list presented by PSOE elections On May 28, it occupied tenth place. His arrival in the city three years ago did not go unnoticed, because he was hired by the party as a Youth field advisor shortly after resigning from his post as second deputy mayor in the Castellón municipality of Altura, citing a change of residence.

To wake up

The current movements among the advisors of the Provincial Assembly group follow the changes that took place among the provincial socialists following the result of the 28M elections. One of the most notable was that former councilwoman Josefina Bueno, who was at the top of Alicante’s list in regional elections, gave up her record in the Cortes to rededicate herself to university activities. In Alicante, there is an apparent war between Franco and the municipal speaker in the City Council, Ana Barceló, culminating in the local government taking the distribution of consultants to Ferraz and seeking protection from the Federal Guarantee Commission.

Returning to the advisors in the Provincial Council, it is worth remembering that the socialists have four members and the coordinator of the group is Alejandro Luengo. The total number of trust positions in the provincial institution is 29, of which 6 are from the Presidency, 10 from regional offices, 2 from vice presidents, 5 from the public group, 4 from PSPV and 1 from Compromís, and another from Vox.

Source: Informacion


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