Alicante Provincial Council is now starting to work on the 2024 budget

The last quarter of the year is approaching and the mechanism for preparing the 2024 budget in the Alicante Provincial Council is already being activated. Proof of this is the Finance, General Administration and Human Capital Commission meeting tomorrow. , one of the key points will be the reporting of the evaluation report on the evaluation of the budget stability target and expenditure rule, which is one of the previous steps in structuring the budget.

The next annual accounts presented by the state agency will be special as they will be the first ones conducted by the new Corporation, headed by the popular Toni Pérez. One of the main aspects that remains to be seen is whether a consensus can be reached in this case or whether it will have to be approved again by the government team alone, as happened last year when the Popular Party and its then partner Ciudadanos had to reach an agreement. budget consisting of PSPV and Compromís without the support of the opposition.

The latest annual accounts approved by the County Council amounted to €284 million; this represented a 4.3% increase in resources compared to 2022. To this we then had to add the largest extraordinary investment made in the institution in the province, because another 161 million euros were also used as resources. It reached 445 million. A significant part of these resources has been allocated to assist the self-employed and SMEs and the most vulnerable groups affected by the economic and energy crisis.

Plan + Nearby

Plan+Cerca, one of the star plans of the Provincial Assembly in terms of investments, will also be the subject of the commissions to be held this week, as it will be included in the meeting regarding the Infrastructure, Road and Construction areas. The Water Cycle will consider proposals to change the basis of the call to set new deadlines for conducting business and submitting evidence of expenditure.

The Provincial Council stepped up with Plan + Cerca at the ordinary general assembly meeting corresponding to this month of September, because in this session the first phase of the investment program was given the green light and the response to the aid in the amount of 30 million was given. More than 300 proposals submitted by municipalities in the province. Plan + Cerca’s principles for this year were approved at the general assembly meeting in March.

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