PSPV-PSOE’s national manager moved to Orihuela to support irrigators

PSPV-PSOE’s national executive commission met in the capital, Vega Baja, to focus on the defense of the Tajo-Segura transfer and to clarify its irrevocable position with a corporate declaration. Party spokesperson and Deputy Secretary for Equality Ana Domínguez emphasized that this infrastructure is provided at the Palacio de Tudemir hotel in Orihuela. “It is indispensable for the economy of the region, especially for the entire province and the southeast of our country”, because it is a “guarantee of employment and modernization”. However, we are not advocating a policy against anyone, as the right does, but rather that the people of Alicante have water and affordable prices,” he said.

In addition to continuing the commitment to have a presence throughout the Valencian Community at the party’s 14th congress, it is, in this case, a boost for concentration, which will be held at the Plaza de at 11 am this Tuesday. According to Domínguez, Montañeta, before the Sub-Delegation of the Government, which will be attended by a broad representation of the party, “Forever defend the interests of waterers and waterers”.

In the approved declaration, “If Alicante irrigators have come to the fore in any matter, it is for them to use and use water well”, while emphasizing that “water resources from the era allow drinking water supply to 35 municipalities, almost 60% of the population lives here. He also insists “The justifications put forward by the Ministry for increasing the ecological flow of Tagus are completely devoid of sound justification from a technical, ecological and hydraulic point of view”He points out that “if it happens, the continuity of 8,000 jobs, 12,000 hectares of crops and an annual contribution of 122 million euros to GDP will be seriously compromised”. For all these reasons, PSPV states clearly, emphatically and unequivocally that it “explicitly rejects any change in transfer conditions that is detrimental to the interests of Alicante irrigators”.

At the same time, as Domínguez has outlined, the meeting in Orihuela a tribute to socialist Carolina Gracia After the no-confidence motion that removed the PP from power on April 25, following his election as mayor, was successful: “It will reverse the PP’s long-running disastrous policy.”

For his part, Gracia stated: “Ximo Puig made sure that the presence of a Generalitat president in Orihuela and Vega Baja was constant, not anecdotal”It concluded that “Consell de Puig is leading future projects such as the defense of Orihuela and Vega Baja’s best ally of these lands, Vega Renhace and the Tajo-Segura transfer”. The municipal socialist group also suggested that the new local government team will formalize the case initiated by the PP’s former mayor Emilio Bascuñana last October against the central government’s reversal royal decree before the Supreme Court. regulations.

Meanwhile, Luis Quesada, Member of the Orihuela Council for Rural Development and Agriculture, said, “Carlos Mazón, head of PPCV and Diputación, acts with sectarianism, vetoes, deliberate and treachery on a sensitive issue like water resources.Held three times in the municipality of Orihuela, and after the election of Gracia as mayor, it was decided to move to Albatera (PP) without notice to the City Council. In the words of the mayor, all this “shows how each other acts: it’s the difference between someone who uses the water debate only as a political weapon, and someone who acts with common sense and in the interest of Orihuela and the entire region”.

The state PSPV-PSOE, meanwhile, gathered more than 200 people at Los Montesinos this Saturday to defend the Tajo-Segura transfer as “absolutely non-negotiable”. Joaquín Hernández, general secretary of the party in Vega Baja and mayor of Dolores, stressed that “it is not about partisan positioning” but “an absolute and radical defense of the transfer”. Thus, he told the waterers to insist: “we will go anywhere with the necessary strength”, because “it is inalienable”. Finally, he asked Mazón to present himself to the president, stating that Diputación, along with Consell, was “to defend the interests of all, because to be divided is to be weaker”.

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