In Asturias, a 15-year-old boy drowned in a river.

Tragedy strikes Asturias again. This time, at the easternmost end. A 15-year-old boy died this afternoon after suffering a mishap while taking a bath with some of his friends. Deva riverin parliament Ribadedeva.

It was the deceased’s friends who sounded the alarm when he disappeared while bathing at a spot in the river between towns. swoop Y Despicableamong the people in the region “la river mouthThereupon, emergency services were mobilized, including the Civil Guard and Firefighters. plains.

The alarm sounded at around six in the afternoon, and a little over half an hour later, firefighters managed to find the body of the now lifeless young man. completely submerged in the river. The 112 Asturias Emergency Coordination Center received the notification at 18:16. In the call they stated that a young man had sunk into the water and did not come out. Now they no longer saw him. SEPA Room 112, along with the Eastern District Chief, mobilized the Rescue Group with a medicalized helicopter and a fire crew from Llanes park. He also forwarded the notification to the municipality. SAMU and to the Civil Guard. At 19:12, firefighters confirmed that they had located the affected person and proceeded to rescue him with the help of a boat. After the intervention, they left the area to return to their bases.

This is the second tragedy in the region in two days. a man died, his wife and two children were seriously injured For carbon monoxide poisoning in Grado.

Source: Informacion


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