Scholz declined to answer. How did the scandal around the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany end?

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refused to evaluate the statement addressed to him by Andriy Melnyk, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany. The head of the German government changed the subject during the interview, stating that the diplomat’s words would be left to the journalist’s own discretion.

When asked to clarify his position, Scholz said, “Ukraine has been in a state of war for several weeks.”

“There is no need to pay so much attention to every word. It is important to focus on the main thing: we want to help Ukraine defend itself.

And we want Russia, together with our allies, to cease fire and withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory. Therefore, we have introduced comprehensive sanctions,” he said. online.

What Melnik said

In early May, the Ukrainian ambassador criticized the German chancellor for refusing to visit Kiev because Ukrainian officials did not want to host German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Melnik later described Scholz as a “disturbed liver sausage” and said the German Cabinet chief had allegedly acted like a child.

The diplomat later refused to apologize. The Federal Assembly demanded a reaction to the words of the Ambassador of Ukraine. Representatives of a number of German parties came to defend Scholz.

In particular, Wolfgang Kubiki, Deputy Chairman of the Free Democratic Party, reminded that “Scholz is not a sausage, he is the head of the country’s cabinet and this must be respected”. In response, Tino Khrupalla, co-chairman of the Alternative for Germany party, said that Melnik’s rhetoric was irresponsible and not diplomatic.

Melnik is known for his non-diplomatic statements. Therefore, he repeatedly demanded that Berlin supply arms to Kiev, claimed that the European Union did not move forward on the embargo on Russian energy carriers, and admitted that he considered all Russians the enemy.

In addition, he accused German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier of having “an entire contact network with Russia”. The German media often drew attention to the ambassador’s statements, accusing him of incompetence. We add that Melnik, 46, has been heading the diplomatic mission in Germany since 2014.

In April, a petition was published in Germany asking for the expulsion of Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk from the country, and more than 35,000 people signed it.

“Of course it’s radical, but overall it copes with its tasks. But in general, you can write and sign any petition in Germany, this particular petition has not yet been discussed in the local news,” he said.

In early May, Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk criticized the German Chancellor for refusing to visit Kiev, which he described as Olaf Scholz. The politician did not comment on these words, noting that something else is more important – the head of the German government noted that Ukraine has been in a state of war for several weeks. Read more in the article “”.

Source: Gazeta


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