Traffic police calculated the number of accidents caused by the fault of taxi drivers

According to the annual statistical report of the traffic police (available on, more than 60% (about 2.3 thousand) of accidents involving taxi cars in 2021 were the fault of taxi drivers themselves.

“The most frequent traffic violations committed by taxi drivers are non-compliance with the travel order, choosing the wrong distance, violation of the rules of crossing the pedestrian crossing, violation of high speed.
regime,” says the document.

More than 3.7 thousand accidents involving a passenger taxi occurred in Russia last year, with 149 people killed and 4,661 injured, according to the agency. The number of such accidents increased by 3.6% compared to 2020.

At the same time, an increase in the number of deaths was noted in 17 subjects of the federation, and in Bashkiria, as well as an increase in all main accident indicators (number of accidents, number of deaths and injuries). Rostov, Lipetsk and Ulyanovsk regions.

Former traffic police calculated The number of deaths on toll roads in the Russian Federation.

Source: Gazeta


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