The criminals apologized and repented: the court rejected the case for beating the figure skater Solovyov

“The court decided to comply with the petition of the victim’s representative. A criminal case of Smirnov Vladislav Igorevich and Yakovtsev Vladislav Mikhailovich, each accused of committing crimes under paragraph. Part “g”, “d” of Art 2. Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Injury to health of moderate severity by a group of people other than hooligan motives”) ends in connection with reconciliation with the victim. The measure chosen by the accused should be canceled by being released from custody in the courtroom.

The document also states that the defendants Smirnov and Yakovtsev brought sincere regrets to the athlete, repented of their actions and fully compensated for the damage done to the victim.

The athlete himself said that after it became known that the case had ended, he did not comment on this.

What started the conflict

The incident took place in December 2021 at a karaoke club in central Moscow, where Solovyov was with his common-law wife Anna Sidorova, a curler, and friends. One of Sidorova’s friends, who was on vacation with them, asked three teenagers on the street for a lighter. A harmless request turned into a verbal confrontation. After that, he was attacked by Solovyov, Yakovtsev and Smirnov and began to beat him with his feet.

“Dima was still in the institution at that moment. As she was leaving, she asked the boys not to talk to the girls in that tone. Which pushed him.

Dima fell back, hit the door of the workplace, this company hit him. The girls and I started to separate them. Me and the other two girls separated the boys. More precisely, he was lying there when Dima was kicked. It wasn’t a fight, you could say it was an attack on their behalf. They did not touch the girls, but fell under the arm, ”Sidorova told Match TV.

Consequences of the event

Solovyov was hospitalized in the Botkin hospital, where he was diagnosed with a moderate brain contusion and a small subarachnoid hemorrhage. Doctors immediately noted that the skater would not need surgery.

“Separate words of gratitude from Dima, his condition is still difficult, communication with him is very limited, doctors forbid communicating more than once or twice a day. He says he wants to sleep all the time and he keeps getting a headache. The next four days are the most dangerous because even doctors cannot predict changes in the hematoma in the brain. I send all my strength with you to Dima, the most important thing is that now he is better, ”Sidorova wrote on social networks.

Despite some fears from doctors because of the hematoma, everything went well. Solovyov was discharged from the hospital on December 28, a week after the beating.

The young people who beat Solovyov were arrested and detained on 23 December. They turned out to be two 18-year-old students, and on 28 January the prosecutor’s office upheld the indictment in the criminal case against them.

Interestingly, the prosecutor at that time refused to fulfill petitions for the termination of the criminal case in connection with the reconciliation of the parties. Until mid-May, a preventive measure in the form of detention was imposed on them. The defendants faced up to five years in prison for intentionally causing moderate bodily harm.

Solovyov performed in ice dancing with Ekaterina Bobrova. As part of the Russian national team, she became the champion of the 2014 Sochi Home Olympic Games and the silver medalist of the 2018 Olympics in team competitions. Solovyov and Bobrova became the champions of Russia in ice dancing seven times. The figure skater completed her sports career in 2019. Dmitry himself has not yet made a final decision.

The Moscow Tverskoy District Court, after reconciliation of the parties, rejected the criminal case of the beating of the Olympic ice dancing champion Dmitry Solovyov in Moscow. The suspects in the case were released. The incident occurred in December 2021 – the athlete was beaten by two teenagers for standing up for his civil wife, Anna Sidorova, and her friend.

Source: Gazeta


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