Social agents: between critique of Alicante’s little existence and hope for change

With mixed feelings. This is how the social agents are at the moment after learning about the structure of the new Government. On the credit side, the changes new impetus for government action It was precisely this view of recovery that Consel chairman Ximo Puig supported a reshaping of the socialist part of the executive. They trust this, and at the sectoral level, each for their part hopes that everything will get better: From fostering the innovative drive to designing training taking into account the needs of our companies, as in the case of footwear, in the case of Ineca, it is necessary to analyze and monitor the development of investments and the degree of implementation of regional budgets. information is provided. Everything is driven by demand a more “effective” dialogue with associations Committed to increasing the competitiveness of Alicante companies, as in the case of Tertiary Advanced; or support for land planning that respects the environment while generating wealth, focused on Pativel, PAT Vega Baja, and other plans being pending and “could be a big success or a big mistake,” as Provia’s supporters warn.

-Salvador Navarro CEV President: “We believe the support that the change in profiles can bring will help us lead the recovery.”

-Juan Riera President of the Alicante Chamber: «Alicante once again loses its presence in Consell. I hope Innovation fixes bugs in help»

– Yaissel Sanchez Secretary General of UGT Alacantí-Les Marines: « We need to promote policies that support recovery after the impact of Covid »

-Raül Alcocel Secretary General of CC OO in Central Regions: « These are the changes made to strengthen the Botànic Government before the legislature ends and elections are imminent »

-Ignacio Amirola Head of Ineca: “We are clearly confident that this new phase will rekindle the relationship between our Institute and Consell”

-Marian Cano Head of Avecal: “I hope the changes will serve to strengthen the innovative impetus our industry needs”

From the metal they choose more technical and managerial profilesThey underline the necessity of proposing a more agile and effective management so that European funds are not only lost, but also reach the real economy as soon as possible. Meanwhile, tourism, through Hosbec, has given Arcadi España and Ana Barceló all confidence in the Treasury and Cortes for the brake role they can play in negotiating a deal. Postponement of tourist tax; and trade demands actions to encourage consumption through Facpyme. Through Ateval, textiles counts on the support of the industry and the replacement of Rebeca Torró at the regional Ministry of Economy.

In parallel, the unions UGT and CC OO focus on the need for implementation. policies that promote recovery.

Obviously, the social partners celebrate the weight women have gained in this new government, but They bitterly criticize the loss of a provincial representative in the executive.They believe it could lead to Alicante losing more weight, which would translate into more harmful policies for this region compared to the other two states. Now, that’s not all they’ve written on the debit section. They are upset that the elections are only so short of a year, which for practical purposes may cause the remake to remain a makeover without further ado.

-Peter Fernandez Tertiary Advanced Head: « Dialogue with associations dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of companies should be more effective»

-Jeualdo Ross Provia Secretary General: « We hope it will be a support for environmentally friendly and wealth-generating land use planning»

-Louis Rodriguez Head of Fempa: « More agile and efficient management is needed for EU funds to reach the real economy faster »

-Carlos Bath Head of Facpyme: “I don’t care about the party, but I would like Consell’s next president to be from the state”

-Nurya Montes Hosbec Secretary General: “We celebrate Ana Barceló becoming a trustee in the Cortes because we know PSPV’s position on the odds”

-Maite Anton President of AEFA: « We will continue to work with new ministers to facilitate the great work of family businesses»

“Changes are occurring in some key ministries to enable the modernization of our productive structure, such as Innovation, Education or Finance. We trust the impulse that profile change can bring. help us lead the recovery», emphasizes the chairman of the CEV employers association. But he makes a very clear call: “I wish you success and I hope you don’t forget the importance of relying on companies to make our Group more competitive.”

Source: Informacion


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