Monegal’s criticism | Thinking about Eurovision or surviving

television view. The audience’s gaze is glued to the screen. The news chosen by the chains most importantThe first is the person who deserves to start the news on the television at noon on Sunday, May 15th.

In TVE-1 “Spain, Spain, Spain!” they chose to open the ‘Telediario’ at that moment. Representatives of the countries that gave the highest score to TVE-Spain’s song. For ‘Informative T-5‘TO’Sixth News‘ formal channel has been a priority. In ‘A-3TV News‘ and in the string four (‘Cuatro Al Día’) The first thing they emphasized was the victory of the Ukrainian group Kalush, the winner of the competition.

for himTN migdia(TV-3) the first image was a demonstration by neighbors in Puigcerdà against the Winter Games; second, Finland’s approach to NATO; A third, which the CNI may have also spied on Ada Colau and Ernest ‘Tete’ Maragall; fourth, the stores will open on Sunday; the fifth is the massacre in the US town of Buffalo; and a sixth “Chanel, a commendable third”. This evaluation of chains about the news they think is most important. I leave it to your discretion which one you find more successful.

parallel to its splendor Great choreographic ‘show’ with musical highlights this is the European Broadcasting Union (UER) Chain Festival, I saw two images, two momentsa emotional impact deep sketch. One of the many chains this Sunday morning Video clip The winning theme from the Ukraine group. A woman wearing a helmet walks amid the destruction of bombs. There is a girl wrapped around her neck, she is frightened. And the song is heard: “The field blooms but it’s gray and you’re full of gray hair. Sing me a lullaby, mother Stefania, sing me.”

Other moment: TV commentators immerse themselves in the ‘charm’ of the Festival, in a Ukrainian dump, in a dreary bunker with peeling walls, Ukrainian TV commentator Timur Miroshnychenko “The truth is, we haven’t thought much about Eurovision. What we’ve been thinking about and continuing to think about is, how to survive”.

Sing me a lullaby, Mama Stefania. Sing so we can save ourselves.

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