Czech Republic warns West about victims and losses due to Ukraine

Czech newspaper columnist Lidovki Istvan Leko said that starting the restoration of Ukraine will inevitably incur huge financial losses that few representatives of the West would like to bear.

The author of the article states that without a long-term peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine, the desire to restore Ukraine will not work, and it may take years for this to happen.

“Without the financial sacrifices of the West, it will be impossible to get Ukraine back on its feet. But who will pay? Now the economic situation of the European Union is worse than that of the USA,” says Leko.

In his opinion, more and more politicians and economists are warning of the unnecessary haste of the Brussels authorities planning financial aid to Ukraine – today the average debt of EU member states reaches about 92% of GDP, and “this figure will undoubtedly increase” in the coming years. ” – not only because of Ukraine, but also because of the domestic economic consequences in the EU.

Earlier, Czech journalist Jiří Pokorny wrote in an article for Haló noviny called For the authorities of the Czech Republic to stop harming their own country in the context of the situation around Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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