Four companies assume a historic crisis

When Consel’s plenary meets again on Friday, a third of those present will be ahead of an action they’ve never taken before. The reshaping of the Autonomous Executive put four new faces at the table that sits weekly in Palau; this is a significant change, not only at the Botànic level, but also in the history of Valencian self-government.

Only once did so many new names come in at once, suggesting that shaking the tree is important. In July 1993, during the government headed by Joan Lerma and just one month after the general elections in Spain, the PP for the first time took this position from the Socialists in the Valencian Community, becoming the leading force.

The electoral coup two years after the regional elections resulted in Lerma bringing six new faces to the middle of the legislature. Beyond these six changes, the maximum number of new names in a plenary session where Consel’s legislature rolled was three, a number repeated three times by the PP.

Both with Eduardo Zaplana in 2000, with Francisco Camps in 2004, with Alberto Fabra at the Palau de la Generalitat in 2012, but the thing with the ruling PP is despite the interim changes of the presidency: Olivas for Zaplana 2002′ to become a minister (one year before the election) and in 2014 for the Fabra Camps indictment.

The latest reconstruction will not only make its way into the history books of political anecdotes, but will also result in disruptions in the land distribution in the Consel presence. Three of the four new additions are from the province of Valencia and only Josefina Bueno Alicante is a presence that doesn’t make up for the departure of Ana Barceló and Carolina Pascual from Alicante. The departure of Castellón’s sole Minister, Vicen Marzà (replaced by Swede Raquel Tamarit) is also not compensated, leaving this province with President Ximo Puig’s sole executive presence. Alicante will have three for PSPV; and Valencia eight out of twelve.

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