This Gran Canaria despite losing against Real Madrid this Saturday at home (83-91), Coosur Betis will fight for the Endesa League title after defeating Surne Bilbao Basket 98-99.

Squad, technicians and fans They had to wait about five minutes to know their final position in the Regular League because they stuck with what happened in the Bilbao-Betis game, which went into overtime after losing to Real Madrid. In the end, the Sevilla team won, which benefited Barcelona’s quarter-final rival Gran Canaria.

Porfirio Fisac’s team did not play the game expected for the one in question. Real Madrid did a very serious job in defense, it was successful in offense and resisted all the reactions of the yellow team.

Poor three-point shooting percentages (4/22) and lack of defensive intensity This led them to a not-so-hard defeat in the end due to Betis’ aforementioned victory.

Despite starting to win Gran Canaria (2-0) after Slaughter’s first basket, The real winner of the first two quarters was Real Madrid, to play faster, more accurately, and above all, with one more point of concentration that allows the opponent to be uncomfortable on offense.

Real Madrid’s changes in defense – from individual to 3-2 when they scored – caused a lot of mistakes in the opposing team, this was not very good on the shot and there was no option to play inside.

slowly team Paul Lasso the differences increased and Williams-Goss’s three-pointer in the 5th minute of the game brought the score to 7-12.

White’s dominance on the field became clearer, with the margins reaching 16 points in the second quarter. Real Madrid continued on its roadmap, changing its defenses and causing mistakes, leading to an opponent who could not find his place on the field and could not turn the game despite time-outs and coach changes.

Sergio Llull held the lead with two three-pointers “home points” against a Gran Canaria with his team (23-34) – failing to score a three-pointer in each period – and lacking defensive intensity.

Despite everything and erratic local play, the best thing was that a 39-49 timeout was reached which gave the yellow team a chance to win.

At the reboot Gran Canaria came out of the dressing room more cohesively and managed to narrow the gaps. on the scoreboard after a partial 8-2 (46-51). His defense intensity increased and he was able to run successfully.

But Real Madrid knew well how to stop this timid reaction and brought the partial team back 0-8 and put things back in place (46-59), which would have risen to 2-13 (48-64) and created more opponent problems. . .

“Granca” came back on the offensive led by a great Dylan Ennis in the last quarter and although they managed to score six points (68-74) again, the reality is that they lacked success and intensity. Real Madrid, who knew how to play better in the last minutes, won 83-91.

Data sheet:

83 – Grand Canary (17+22+18+26): Albicy (6), Slaughter (11), Brussino (-), Shurna (10), Pustovyi (12) -top five-, Khalifa Diop (10), Balcerowski (6), Ennis (24), Salvo (-), Stevic (-) and Chery (4).

91 – Real Madrid (23+26+21+21). Williams-Goss (11), Causeur (2), Hanga (6), Yabusele (13), Tavares (10) -starting five-, Randolph (12), Abalde (7), Deck (4), Poirier (8) , Llull (11) and Taylor (7).

Referees: Calatrava, Sanchez Sixto and Alcaraz. They showed the technique to Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso (min. 40) and eliminated Williams-Goss for fouls (min. 40).

Events: The match was played in front of 6,796 spectators at the Gran Canaria Arena.