The German Industrial Association calculated the losses from the rejection of Russian gas

Siegfried Ruswurm, head of the BDI, told the newspaper that the German Industrial Association (BDI) has calculated the losses from the rejection of Russian gas – the price of “energy independence” would be catastrophic for the German economy. bild.

“Until now, the consequences of cutting off Russian gas supplies would have been disastrous. “We must proceed from the fact that in case of a shortage of such volumes, gas will not be supplied to the last branches of our gas pipeline system,” Rusvurm said.

He explained that a significant number of German companies are at risk of being completely without gas, which is necessary for both the chemical industry and electricity generation.

“In most cases, affected firms will have to stop production, some businesses will never be able to start it again,” says Rusvurm.

Earlier, according to Steffen Kotre, deputy of the Federal Assembly of Russia, climate protection and energy committee, made a decision The imposition of sanctions on the German energy sector is partly due to the actions of the German government.

Source: Gazeta


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