Finance Minister Arcadi Spain: Most trusted man to replicate ‘Valencian moment’

Economist. He was a student at the University of Valencia under Vicen Soler, where he excelled in Finance and Economic Model. He was born in Carcaixent (1974), the son of a historic PSPV in the area. He passed through La Moncloa before becoming Puig’s aide as he was the leader of the PSPV (2012).

For better or worse, some who know him well should say, it’s as if the word ‘social democrat’ was invented for him. For what he has above all, social justice, the defense of the least have, and moderation and adherence to the right form and procedures. In a word, order.

To understand his relationship with Ximo Puig, it is sufficient to observe how the ministerial change from Regional Policy to Finance took place. Puig was clear from the start that the Treasury wanted him for his new life, but he didn’t communicate this until after 8 p.m. Friday, after Consell’s second plenary meeting that day. This gesture says he knows you can trust him at all costs. And she trusted him enough to direct him to another destination if he needed to.

Arcadi España, the son of a historic socialist from Ribera, is Puig’s most trusted man in the Valencian Government, his right-hand man. He was in the first legislature as the director of his cabinet in his presidency, and in this parliament he is already on advisory lines. Its transition from Regional Policy was valued on a note in Palau, given that it has made remarkable progress in mobility and infrastructure, some of which have been stuck for years. And without stopping to be on the relief team in the face of any emergency: during the pandemic and now in negotiations for the Volkswagen battery gigafactory.

The latter will be one of the challenges it faces in the coming months. Puig said yesterday: The aim is to strengthen the Ministry in terms of the economic model. The treasury is the engine of any government because the budgets, the money is there. What needs to be ensured is the absence of the flu, as it is lethal to the Executive, but it is not certain that Botànic will enter the 2023 budget. There is the regional financing flag that should not be lowered, or rather the opposite, but this has many limitations as it is subject to many limitations. Arcadi Spain knows it has all of this, but what is expected is, above all, Volkswagen and also Hewlett Packard or Toshiba to accelerate and multiply investments (Spanish and international) in the heat of the arrival of their projects. This and that run the inflow channel of funds from the European Union and money land in real life. Spain knows its mission is to try to do more of what Puig calls the “Valencian moment”. In time and intensity. That’s why in Palau they see him as a ‘de facto’ economic vice president.

His first challenge is putting the project into practice with Volkswagen: getting things started without delay. With procedural correction, but without the funnel of the administrative processing of the project, it becomes a thread that does not allow air to pass.

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