The legacy of Carolina Pascual: From impulse to debate over aid distribution for the Digital Zone

She has been a director at Carolina Pascual’s, Lights and Shadows and the Department for Innovation, Universities and the Digital Society. To his reputation, first of all, Support to Distrito Digitaltoday it has become a strong attraction for tech companies and while in the midst of expansion, controversial aid distribution The Valencia Innovation Agency (AVI) openly discriminates against the province.

In an economic context marked by digitalization and new technologies, the Government headed by Ximo Puig decided to give the Community a boost on this issue at the start of the current legislature. To do this, they chose to establish the Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Digital Society, appointing Carolina Pascual, an engineer from Elche who teaches at the University of Alicante and has been appointed dean of the Official College. While serving as president of the Valencian Society of Telecommunications Engineers, he served in the Department of Telecommunications Engineers of the Valencian Society she.

From the very beginning, he committed himself to his new departmental journey. decentralization symbol by the regional manager, as the first person to leave Valencia to settle in Alicante feeling discriminated against by the Generalitat, and an increase in digitization from where the region as a whole is given an innovative ecosystem and enclave where technology companies already exist.

It is precisely in this area that one of the main achievements of the councilor has been the Digital Zone, located in the Ciudad de la Luz premises, where they are now established. 300 technology companies and partners as a whole it brings together more than a thousand professionals. It has also managed to attract the attention of hundreds of collaborating organisations, including municipalities, institutions, technology parks and associations. The unstoppable growth of this organization meant that it is now. in full expansionSome new buildings are being built at the Port of Alicante that will increase its capacity to accommodate new companies.

Initiatives such as the Digital Transformation Plan, the Valencia Innovation Strategy or the GenT research talent return and recruitment program are other initiatives that have been consolidated with more than positive results.

Carolina Pascual also fight against the digital divideexpansion of high-capacity fiber optics to all parts of the Valencian Community, paying special attention to the least populated areas.

Perhaps because of the Minister’s preferences for technology and science-related aspects, or because of the complex context inherited from the Ministry of Education in this field, his management in the field of universities has been more problematic. In the case of the province, it should be noted as a positive element. Conferring a Medical degree to the University of Alicante (UA), a long-time in demand expertise. The Pascual-led ministry is reducing enrollment rates while increasing college scholarships.

But still unsuccessful multi-year funding plan for universitiesIt has already caused several delays and already with new minister Josefina Bueno set the horizon for next summer . Collective bargaining for the workforce of public universities has also been stuck in ministries since 2019, which continued unanswered despite Consell’s persistent claims. In fact, Valencia is the only community that does not have this legal framework designed to improve and equalize the salaries of the staff of these training centres.

As a result, it was last year’s controversial assistance from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), which openly discriminated against the province, that drew the most criticism. In the distribution of the 52.3 million euro cake to universities, companies and research centers, Only 8.8 million were sent to AlicanteIt triggered a cascade of criticism among the opposition parties as well as academia and researchers, businessmen and trade unions.

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