Why is it important to have your car repaired now?

Representatives of technical centers interviewed by socialbites.ca note an increase in prices for car repair services, but they call it much less significant than the increase in prices for spare parts. So, in one of the Moscow auto services specializing in servicing Japanese cars, socialbites.ca reported that prices for services have increased since March.

“We do not use the concept of the cost of a standard hour, prices are fixed for each type of work. We have enlarged them, but not significantly, for example, a service that previously cost 1.5 thousand rubles will now cost 1.9 thousand rubles, the order is as follows ”

– the representative of the technical center told the correspondent “socialbites.ca”.

For example, the cost of replacing a gearbox, for example, in a Mazda CX-9 crossover, in this company is at least 3.8 thousand rubles, repair of this unit – 9 thousand rubles. Repair of the mechatronics unit on the seven-speed DSG box (installed on cars manufactured by the Volkswagen concern) in a special service in Moscow is now estimated at 55 thousand rubles.

According to the soldiers, these prices are about 10-20% higher than the prices at the beginning of the year.

“For a long time, the repair price for us was 35,000 rubles, then we increased it to 40,000, now to 55,000 rubles. Mainly due to the increase in the cost of consumables, ”said socialbites.ca in a company specializing in the restoration of transmissions.

In an unofficial Renault service, the work to replace the clutch on the all-wheel drive Renault Duster with a manual transmission is estimated at 12 thousand rubles. The company acknowledges the increase in job prices, but assures that the increase is insignificant.

“We have increased prices, but not literally 500 rubles,” the service specialist told the socialbites.ca correspondent, who applied for this service.

Similar prices in other technical centers specializing in this brand – start from 11 thousand rubles.

For example, replacing the front struts on a Kia Rio car of the previous generation will cost 4.8 thousand rubles, without taking into account the cost of parts, in the service Autopilot, which specializes in cars of Korean brands.

Industry representatives say the auto repair market is seeing mixed trends, but labor prices have already risen and will continue to rise.

“If we take the real picture, the cost of services should not have increased by 20%, but by 35-40%,

as it is already, but in the near future it will certainly grow and approach real indicators. The growth in costs is already outstripping the growth in the cost of services, ”Danil Solovyov, director of the Fit Service international network of automobile services, tells socialbites.ca.

According to him, consumers are aware of this and try to repair and service their cars as soon as possible. At the same time, the cost of spare parts for the main groups of goods increased on average by 60-70%, including significantly increased prices for raw materials and logistics costs.

The shortage of various spare parts in the market, especially the body parts supplied by the automobile manufacturers themselves, causes an increase in repair costs; The prices of these parts are not proportional to the exchange rate, they have increased 3 times. 5 times Solovyov gives an example.

He predicts that the market will feel the peak of this problem in June-July.

“We are still living with old stocks now and economic difficulties will be felt closer to autumn. The increase in the prices of services was 10% on average, and we should expect them to increase at least at the rate of inflation. But some networks have increased prices by 30%, ”Alexander Pakhomov, chairman of the board of the Auto Services Association, told socialbites.ca.

The number of visits to the service has now increased, but the average check has decreased, he notes. At the moment, versatile trends are observed in the service services market, and the situation varies greatly by region: if in the southern part of the country in April an increase in the number of service station visits was noted, then in the megacities – Moscow and St. 30%, says Pakhomov.

“While car owners wait, the situation should become clear as we approach autumn. Perhaps it will require tactical and strategic decisions from them, for example, moving to a new place or reducing staff, ”the interlocutor decided.

Industry representatives interviewed by socialbites.ca say that against the background of an unstable economic situation, auto services have increased the prices of their services, and they expect further growth. At the same time, the number of service visits in major cities has decreased, and the largest contribution to the total repair cost comes from the increase in the prices of spare parts and consumables. In the socialbites.ca material – about whether we should wait for the stabilization of the car repair market.

Source: Gazeta


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