Junqueras on Pegasus dismissal of CNI director: “Assuming responsibilities is normal”

Oriol Junqueras, president of Esquerra Republica de Catalunya, stressed today that “assuming responsibilities is normal” as a result of the political crisis unleashed by espionage through the Pegasus program, which resulted in precisely the removal of the director. Paz Esteban of the CNI. In this sense he claimedmaximum transparency and maximum guarantees“So that these events, which affect, among others, pro-independence politicians, as well as different members of the central government, do not happen again.

Re-emerging in Alicante, Junqueras has always avoided questions about whether Esteban’s impeachment was enough for Esquerra Republicans to once again build bridges with the Board of Directors chaired by Pedro Sánchez, and whether his eventual removal was sufficient. “It’s not a question of whether it’s worth it, it’s about demanding transparency in serious situations like mass espionage, ensuring that it doesn’t happen in the future,” Junqueras said. Those who say, “It is the Spanish government that must work to restore public confidence,” demand to know that they are not spies.

It was also not specified whether this decision to dismiss the CNI director was a request by Esquerra Republica de Catalunya to continue supporting the Sánchez Executive. At this point, he reiterated that in such cases, maximum transparency should be demanded and disclosure should be made. how many people spied under what conditionsfor how long, who ordered it and will not be repeated.

“It’s not about what values ​​us, but what is fair and what corresponds to the restoration of trust damaged in society as a whole, because spying on elected officials or journalists is outside of any good political practice,” he said. Catalan politician. Because, according to him, “any democratic country will say that all forms of espionage are not in accordance with good democratic practices.” Now, is it necessary to take further action in addition to Esteban’s dismissal?

On the other hand, Junqueras was asked about the information that has been published recently and points to the alleged links between the Catalan independence movement and Russia in the processes. On this issue, he assured that the only dialogue Esquerra maintains is and will be with democrats, “fully democratic countries”.

While emphasizing that he is not the spokesperson of other parties about whether he was aware of these meetings or not, Junqueras underlined that their only dialogue was with “democratic institutions” and gave the example of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. , “voted a resounding report in favor of the freedom of political prisoners”.

Source: Informacion


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