The price of electricity will drop by 10.48% this Wednesday to 186.84 Euro/MWh

This average electricity price The wholesale market will drop 10.48% this Wednesday. in particular, up to 186.84 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) regarding this Tuesday.

In this way, the average price of the ‘pool’ will be this Wednesday. below 200 Euro/MWh for the first time since last Sunday It will be 21.87 euros cheaper than today, according to data published by the Iberian Energy Market Operator (OMIE) and collected by Europa Press.

The minimum electricity price for this 11 May will be between 154.4 Euro/MWh and 16.00-17.00, with a maximum of 228.84 Euro/MWh for the day, recorded between 08.00-09.00. .

compared to a year agoAverage electricity price for this Wednesday will be 245.68% more expensive More than 54.05 Euro/MWh on 11 May 2021.

‘Pool’ prices have a direct impact on the regulated rate – the so-called PVPC – at which nearly 11 million households are covered in the country, and serve as a benchmark for the other 17 million that are shrinking their supply. in the free market.

In fact, the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) confirmed that in 2021, around 1.25 million people switched from PVPC to a free market rate at a fixed price, within the framework of the energy’s upward spiral.

‘Iberian exception’ to be confirmed this Friday

The government will approve at an extraordinary Cabinet meeting next Friday, Iberian exception to limit the price of natural gas for electricity generationA measure that would allow the electricity bill to be reduced by up to 30%, as announced by Government Spokesperson and Minister for Land Policy Isabel Rodriguez on Tuesday.

A few weeks ago, the governments of Spain and Portugal signed an agreement with the European Commission to limit the price of gas in the wholesale electricity market of the Iberian Peninsula, which will average 50 Euros/MWh over the next twelve months. .

According to the agreement reached with the Community Manager, the gas reference price will initially be set at approximately 40 Euro/MWh and will be set at an average of 50 Euro/MWh during the 12 months in force, ie 20 Euros more. Above the 30 Euro/MWh ceiling recommended by Spain and Portugal.

Also on March 29 The government approved a national plan to deal with the impact of g.The war in Ukraine includes, among other measures, the extension of the tax cut on taxes on the electricity bill until 30 June and the extension of the electricity social bond to reach 1.9 million household beneficiaries.

An early and extraordinary update of the regulated fee regime for renewable energy, cogeneration and waste (Recore) was also adopted with a 1,800 million Euros cut in electricity bill fees.

Another measure decided by the executive was the extension of the gas reduction until 30 June in order to reduce the extraordinary profits in the electricity market, extending the scope of application to cover energy with futures and at a fixed price from the entry of the contract. the norm if the price in question is higher than 67 Euro/MWh.

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