See Chanel perform again at the Benidorm Fest finale

Chanel Terrero is in Turin, ready to represent Spain at Eurovision 2022 with the song “SloMo”. Singer, winner Benidorm Festival, He has already made his first rehearsal on the stage of Pala Alpitour, which will host the grand finale on May 14. “I travel to hit the stage”stated.

Let’s remember that the Benidorm festival did not go unchallenged. voting system, most tongo accusations and discussions for Chanel’s harassment on social networks. However, tensions and doubts have increased in recent days. Benidorm Festival they didn’t stop Chanel Terreroas whose performance Spanish representative The event created great anticipation both at the national and international level.

Its song in reggaeton and Latin pop rhythms makes it one of the Festival favourites. ‘SloMo’ It occupies the first place in the ranking of bookmakers with songs from all representative countries.

This Chanel performance with SloMo at Benidorm Fest It was repeated during these months at major festivals such as the Festival de la Cançao 2022 to promote the song, which will represent Spain at Eurovision 2022 and at the neighboring country’s Eurovision event on 7 March. Singer and dancer will present it’slow motion‘ in the second semi-final of the competition with the flair and rhythm that characterizes it.

The young Cuban-Catalan is clear for himself: “I promise to put on a show to be the first. We’ll blow it up, I promise you.” This Chanel performance with SloMo at Benidorm Fest She surprised everyone and perfectly combined her explosive choreography with a voice that beckoned the show.

And this Chanel is the dream of Paquita Salas, a 360 actress, a “mocatriz”. dressed in a suit in the purest vedette style, he showed himself in it Performance at Benidorm Fest Who grew up on the stage. His power gave goosebumps.

And although there are those who defend and criticize his style, what is clear is that he is very meticulous and encouraging that party that we miss so much. In short, Chanel defended what many saw as a great song in her Benidorm Fest performance:European” In 2010, Spain will compete with a guaranteed artist dancing with Shakira the ‘Loca’ and ‘Waka Waka’. MTV Europe Music Awards and is used to big scenes.

She studied singing and piano, rhythmic gymnastics and dance. Royal Academy of Dance, Chanel Terrero appeared in musicals such as ‘Flashdance’, ‘Nine’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Guard’‘ anyone ‘malinche‘ and ‘Águila Roja’, ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’, ‘Gym Tony’, ‘El continental’ sets.

What is clear is that Chanel hit her hip, causing an earthquake in Spain and ready to do the same with “europerreo” in Turin. #SeVienenLittle things.

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