Puig launches pre-campaign: touches explosion with management as priority

The pre-election campaign in PSPV has officially started. Ximo Puig was tasked yesterday with ordering that the best re-election card be presented in a “management” format for the next few months. The leader of the Valencian Socialists, together with all the ministers of his party, presided over the coordination meeting in front of a broad representation of the organisation’s top officials. Everyone was called and the appointment was marked as “priority” even though it coincided with the start of the Fitur tourism fair.

The message wasn’t new, but it was serious: “Keep working for the majority as has been done so far” and “focus on governance as our top priority.” He also stressed the “socialist project’s responsibility for the future of the Valencian Community and the need to explain what we have done and will continue to do for Valencians”.

For Consell’s general secretary and president, the preliminary campaign can only go in one direction, giving him a relative advantage over rival Carlos Mazón, who thinks his government is limited to the province of Alicante. In fact, Ximo Puig chaired the first National Executive Commission (CEN) of the year held in the city of Alicante just ten days ago. There were only issues such as the Tagus-Segura transfer on the agenda.

So, although the “coordination” nature of the meeting from the socialist ranks was affected, the truth is that everything sounded like a pre-campaign. Progress and results achieved in these four years should “occupy” the central space; However, whatever it is read, it is pre-campaign from the moment the leader and reelection candidate sits at the table with all their ministers, transmits and synchronizes the image and message.

Ferraz vs Moncloa

Puig had already signed off on a calendar that had Ferraz’s approval months in advance. The dates became official with the candidacy elections to be held in municipalities in September. There, March was marked as a turning point for the preparation of the lists. The purpose was and still is: there are no distractions and no losing options where you lead.

The message was repeated as many times as he was asked by the PSPV general secretary. In fact, in an interview published by this newspaper on Sunday, Puig refused to go into “election mode” and assured him that “he is obsessed with managing this time of so much uncertainty.” It is also unclear whether he will top the Valencia or Castellón list, as he did in the last election.

During this cutback period, the Socialists are rowing a divided sea, as polls show very fair results and, above all, confirm that both the PSOE and the PP will need government or legislature partners for now. To the extent that La Moncloa’s final decisions broke Puig’s speech, it became a necessary asset.

Minister Teresa Ribera’s position is particularly relevant in areas such as Vega Baja, the PP’s double key constituency (Government of Valencia and Provincial Assembly of Alicante); The unsuccessful candidacy of Elche and Alicante as headquarters of national agencies did not help either.

Much tighter official agendas will come, and as a seasoned politician Puig knows to avoid clashes with government partners while in these conflicts. The option to re-release a third Botànic isn’t all that extravagant, and the management is shared, to say the least.

Source: Informacion


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