Google opposes Microsoft and predicts tough battle for AI

Productive artificial intelligence based on machine learning that can carry on conversations or answer questions, Technology will become the “new battleground” After the success of applications such as ChatGPT, which Microsoft pushed hard.

In this sense, giants like Microsoft have developed the ChatGPT application, which is a chat that can answer questions, hold chats, translate or produce text, that will transform productivity at work and relationships with usersespecially after the success of reaching one million downloads in just 5 days in the market.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive officer, emphasized this Wednesday at the Davos Economic Forum that we live thanks to apps like ChatGPT. The ‘golden age of artificial intelligence’ “acting as co-pilot, helping people do more with less”.

The app Microsoft uses, according to California company OpenAI and media like the Financial Times 10 billion dollars will be paidcan produce their own content, answer questions or write analysis in a fluent, natural and adaptable language.

In this sense, there has been speculation about the possibility of these new tools being adopted by Microsoft itself, such as ChatGPT. “killer apps” They could replace giant search engines like Google in the near future due to their ability to put an end to current production models.

“There is an old saying that only the paranoid survive in Silicon Valley. I think it’s wise to fear everything. But we believe we have excellent search engines and we hope to launch our new products,” Kent Walker, Head of Global Affairs at Google, emphasized in an interview with Efe.

“We are very excited about the potential of Artificial Intelligence as a field. we have been working for many years” underlines Walker, who predicted that large numbers of opponents would come to ‘this new battlefield’.

Google currently leverages artificial intelligence in its two main tools, Google Translate (for automatic translations) and its content search engine.

Walker also wanted to highlight the importance of cybersecurity, something he considers himself. “It’s growing in importance as the economy becomes more digital.”

“We encourage people to modernize their computers because older computers have more vulnerabilities and content in the cloud is more secure,” he adds.

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