Kosachev says Russia could be initiator of international law reform 11:07

Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, who attended the eighth forum of Primakov Readings, said that Russia could be the initiator of international law reform. DEA News.

“Russia can undertake the mission of initiating and improving a coherent reform of international law,” Kosachev said.

He noted that reform of international law is a very difficult task, but that Russia can take on the responsibility of mediating the expectations of the whole world from a fairer set of rules.

Kosachev noted that the key points in updating international law should be the separation of the concepts of “humanitarian intervention” and occupation, and the distinction between terrorism and national liberation movements.

No less important, Kosachev sought the definition of all aspects related to cybersecurity.

Previously recognizedThe State Duma, together with the Ministry of Sports, FMBA and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will hold a roundtable meeting for the restoration of the rights of RUSADA.

Source: Gazeta


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