moral leaks

You see a large ship and you have no idea what is in its holds. But if the ship breaks, as in Gibraltar, and black blood comes out of the resulting wound, we already know that it’s carrying oil. Oil reminds us a little of the subconscious because of its darkness. You see a man sitting in a bar and you have no idea what’s inside. But if he accidentally gets a little shy, all sorts of viscous substances can come out of his cellars, destroying his own life and the lives of those around him. This means that the subconscious should not leak like oil.

Suppressed problems that sleep in the background of consciousness can manifest in subtle ways. I had a bad boss who carried his subconscious out. The man was filthy, but no one noticed because he acted like a reptile. He did ugly things, yes, but psychopaths, with a smile on his face and a knot in his tie. He didn’t hold back, but there was such a style in his “not holding back” that it seemed like the opposite. He even has a reputation as a kind and tolerant person because he uses his fish shovel very well. However, a well-used fish spade can cut your jugular vein.

There are times in history when the collective unconscious comes to the surface, just as in hernias, the intestines escape from the abdominal cavity. It is called a “bulge”, which is a difficult-to-pronounce term because it describes an event that is difficult to accept. There is more prominence in parliamentary debates than in debate. Even watching them on TV, one feels full of dirty words. There is too much tar in the air, too much dark matter floating in the political, social and economic atmosphere. The first thing to do to treat the hernia is to reinsert the protruding viscera and then very carefully stitch the muscles holding it there. What was born to be inside should not be outside. The Gibraltar leak is now fixed because physical leaks are easier to deal with than moral ones. But morality disappears in the long run.

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