If you don’t like it, don’t go

There is a wonderful world called women’s locker room At gym. Any gym. This is how it is. Only those who have the privilege and opportunity to be in one of these can know the amount of laughter that unconsciously escaped the day before. avalanche of events and interpretations so that the most daring blushes. The benches, cabinets, and showers, which at once were completely empty and lonely, are filled with noises, screams, and chatter that will not stop madly for several minutes as the water runs through the hole in the shower.

After a busy class that day, they flock to the locker room.water gymnastics‘ Three-quarters of an hour to the rhythm of Ricky Martin absolutely crazy, Rosalia and Shakira, among others, and this can be heard beyond the pool in various rooms and bodybuilding areas. In the liquid element, the Latin wears the imperial crown. It has no rival. Singing the song poses an obvious choking risk, so obedient users do their best with their mouths closed. jump monitor that flies and does not touch the ground It’s nothing but gaining momentum. Come on, come on, go upstairs, squeeze, release and turn around.

Tired, female members of the first group class in the morning they flock, as I said before, totally energetic. I also went swimming that day, but alone and numbness that clings like a second skinattend the scene. “Hey, Carmen didn’t come today, you know why?”. Two women over 60 talking while getting dressed after a shower. Third friend Carmen didn’t go that day. It is seen that he went to his father’s village. “She went to the festival in her father’s town and they’re doing bullfights,” says one of them, balancing her underwear. “You should see the one that is attached to the bulls.. What controversy now! Everyone there is hanging out.” The other is that he doesn’t understand, that there are always bulls in the street and that this is If you don’t like it, don’t go. “What can I say, we are not in a democracy to ban things. If you don’t like it, just don’t go, but don’t tell others what they can and cannot do. If only you could see it.” Meanwhile, the friend nodded in agreement.

“Let’s see, I’ve never been, and less than a bullfight in the square, I don’t know what happened to me but, come on, what bitch have they caught now with the suffering of the animal ». In addition, she adds her friend (who is faster and is already teasing her hair in front of the mirror) animals are always killed because otherwise you will tell us what to eat. “What do we eat if we don’t eat animals?” A lot of things come to my mind, but I keep quiet so as not to interfere with this wonderful conversation flow. anywhere between meats, calves, muscles and hair. “Good now everything is abuse. Everything. Nothing can be done now, you see,” he said bitterly. Dressing at a tortoise’s pace so as not to miss a second of the conversation, I have hallucinations and fears due to the nature of the speech. they will say what you think. I think there is too much on the edge of the abyss and they will eventually say that sexist violence is a modern exaggeration, that even a nail typical of a typical lazy and picky eater time could be considered sexist violence. But it is not. What they contain. Or they don’t think so. or quiet fall into the terrible trap assumes that its statement applies to everyone, to everyone, and also to them.

well they collect everything in silenceThey turn to look at each other for the last time in the mirror, and a quiet girl who dresses too slowly to be a women’s locker room opens her mouth before slamming the door: “You’re dragging your pants on the floor.” Thanks, I tell them. And I’m getting it.

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