labor violations

Everything happens in an X context. Context is an invention of things because things cannot exist without it. This means that the isolated does not exist. Do not pay attention when they talk to you about isolated facts. Or punctual as others have said. A migraine occurs in the context of anxiety. If you prefer biologics, in the context of blood vessels, sometimes in the context of capillaries that enlarge and create one type of pain, and sometimes compress and produce another type of pain. Pain from vasodilation and constriction is similar, but requires different treatments. You should not further dilate a hyperdilated vessel or constrict a hyperconstricted vessel. It’s an anecdote that we go to a place we missed with this pharmacological trip, but that comes back when rereading the first sentence: everything happens in an X context. In one context, your father dies, in another context, prices rise, in one context they cut off our electricity or gas, in another context you shoot yourself.

Context speaks.

Ryanair, for example, is an aviation company that poorly serves its customers and mistreats its employees. I just heard over the radio that some of your aides are flying without a contract. Also, they get underpaid, work to the limit of their power, and have to pay out of pocket for uniforms, drug checks, and other things that don’t come to me now. We’re talking about a business disaster. That was our aim, acting in the context of a corporate disaster and a European legislative where such disgrace is possible. Why? Why? Because the dominant tone is the anger of labor, slave exploitation, low wages, insecurity and fear of being fired and going from poverty to poverty. The prevailing is that unions were weak when they existed and could not cope because labor inspectors were outnumbered.

The context explains the text. If you’re particularly anxious or distressed these days (or anxious and distressed: the limitations of the general), sit in front of the news and you’ll understand why. Maybe it won’t help you get discouraged, but it will help reduce the ridiculous degree of guilt and the daily dose of Orfidal.

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