In a world like ours where globalization threatens to collapse again, this time through a split between liberal West and authoritarian Eastern powers, the role played by democracies is decisive for the future of humanity.

The West does not have to proselytize, as the opening of Russia or China is solely in the hands of its citizens. However, it has an obligation to show the world that human rights are respected in its field, that there are rules of tolerant coexistence covering everyone, and that there is an ethic of power that is the basis of coexistence, even if it is flawed. In short, we must show a friendly face and transcend the classic Anglo-Saxon criteria, summed up in Lord Palmerston’s famous quote at the beginning of the 19th century: “Great Britain has neither friend nor foe, only interests”.

Frankly, I remember what happened in Afghanistan: Spain is fulfilling in crisis and fulfilling its promise to send and welcome Afghan collaborators to expatriates, which will be retaliated by the Taliban, and this is highly commendable. However, the disintegration of the first power in the world, which crippled all Afghan women and imprisoned all the citizens of that country by disgusting fanaticism, is repugnant and leaves the coalition in which the United States and Spain are in. He came to that distant Asian country talking about peace and freedom.

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