a sentence with rhythm

On that terrible Saturday, Gerardo was home alone. His family had gone to the country to leave him alone because Gerardo had to be alone from time to time. However, he became tense soon after reconciling. What to do with himself during the weekend stretching before his mind? I had an idea in my head to write a novel. He had it for exactly 20 years and always blamed his wife and children for not giving him the peace he needed to get started. Therefore, they left home from time to time to provide him with the space of solitude required by creative action. But starting a novel on a Saturday afternoon seemed ridiculous to him now. Real writers wrote throughout the week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday…

But he opened the computer and took it. I wrote thousands and thousands of first sentences and threw them away. If I put them all together, I could publish a book the size of a book. best seller. He was convinced that the point was to find the first sentence to unfold like a map in front of the rest of the novel. So he wrote: “One terrible Saturday, I was home alone.” He left the keyboard, read the sentence, and salivated with delight. It had rhythm (it actually consisted of two syllables), rhythm, and content. Why was that Saturday terrible? Everyone thought so to some extent, but the one in your novel would make for an unforgettable Saturday. He was so pleased with this start that he decided to reward himself with a glass of wine and a cigarette. He hadn’t smoked in months, but kept a pack in the drawer in case something desperate or happy arose. This was happy.

After the first glass of wine, he poured a second glass, accompanied by a second cigarette. He smoked and drank as he walked from one end of the hall to the other, savoring that first sentence (“It was a terrible Saturday, I was home alone”), reinforced by wine and nicotine in his excellent literary taste. After an hour, a few drinks, and ten cigarettes, he was a little drunk and his throat was dry. So, thinking of the terrible Sunday before him, he telephoned his wife and begged her to return as soon as possible with the whole family.

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