You laughed at Giorgia Meloni

Post-fascist Giorgia Meloni was the victim of the distortion caused by the unjustified mutilation of a political discourse in Andalusia, but this story must begin with her predecessor’s adventures as Prime Minister of Italy. Mario Draghi has been at the forefront of European leaders advocating for Ukraine to advance its EU membership bid. Likewise, Boris Johnson expected his Western partners to send weapons to Kiev, having to avoid German airspace. Both heads of government fell to Putin’s delight. Here we are stopped by the successor of the ex-president of the European Central Bank.

In the early election hypothesis, the favorite party is the Brothers of Italy, though closely related to the Mussolini surname. At the head of this formation is Meloni, who was born into politics from Berlusconi’s hosts. He participated in the disastrous campaign of the far-right leader Macarena Olona against the Andalusian Junta. A distorted reproduction of the last minutes of the Italian intervention showed a screaming hydra. Unfortunately for documentary integrity, Screams hid the previous twenty-minute intervention in perfect Castilian. How many Spanish politicians can speak Italian for five minutes?

Careful consideration of Meloni’s intervention would have allowed a scare in the circumstances, rather than limiting himself to discrediting a speaker for common outcries to all candidates in the campaign. The parafascist leader will have something when he ousts his godfathers Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini. Her menacing democratic assault on the Capitol is a reminder that Italy has never been ruled by a woman, although feminism Podemos limits the scope of that label to its militants. And if you want to gauge the impact of an Italy Brethren victory, the winner won’t be a Spanish-style “prime minister” or even a French-style “prime minister”. The macho country will officially call him “Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni”.

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