Mikhail Khors Why “wish cards” do not lead to successful achievement 02/26/2024, 08:20

In recent years, tons of suggestions have been showered on us from every source on the internet to achieve success. Young and not so easy-going gurus, mostly living in Asian countries, teach their subscribers how to make a lot of money, marry a banker, be always happy, have a gorgeous body, be healthy and all other things, without doing anything. any effort. To achieve the desired result, we offer various esoteric techniques that skillfully disguise themselves as popular psychology.

And in general, there are so many psychologists that you will not find these days! For some reason, tarologists, numerologists, astrologers, tantrologists and other nonsense experts of all stripes are not ready to pour exclusively esoteric knowledge into the ears of their flock! They need to add the word “psychologist” to their status.

I think this is due to their own uncertainty about the path they have chosen. That’s why they try to tie themselves to the science of psychology in order to appear more meaningful and meaningful both in their own eyes and in the eyes of their naive fans who are looking for a “magic pill” for every situation.

For an easy and direct path to success in any field, I propose to look at the two most common techniques offered. And lo and behold, maybe they’re not so harmless after all…

Visualizing and drawing a wish map

This is an attempt to present your goals vividly and clearly as if they have already been achieved. Imagine yourself having already bought the car or house you want, having the relationship you want, going on a dream trip, etc. It is recommended to imagine in a situation.

“Guides” to success recommend making a “wish card” to enhance the effect, that is, cutting out images of what you want and pasting them on a large sheet of paper, or even combining a photo of a famous person. model with your bright face in a photo editor. It is also recommended to go to expensive boutiques and car dealerships, try on expensive clothes and test drive luxury cars.

It is assumed that the more you get used to this fantastic image, the easier it will be for you to achieve it. Because…. This “because” is the weakest point of this design. No evidence is offered other than the suggestion, “Just trust that it works and that the abundant Universe will listen.”

The danger of this technique lies in the fact that the biochemical processes accompanying such fantasies largely coincide with the processes occurring during real achievements. For example, the release of positive spectrum neurotransmitters: dopamine, endorphin, serotonin. In fact, the person in the visualization gets almost the same pleasure from life as if he actually had what he dreamed of.

Well, please tell me: why do anything then? Why strive, waste our energy and time, stay awake at night, conflict, achieve if the pleasure is ALREADY received? After all, living real life is risky; You may not get everything you want. And in visualization fantasies it is warm and cozy: sit in front of the “wish card” and enjoy! That is, it turned out that this technique, supposedly aimed at success and achievement, on the contrary, breaks motivation and reduces the desire for success.


This is the repeated repetition of various statements about yourself, your loved ones and your life, which clearly do not correspond to reality, but supposedly increase your self-esteem. It is assumed that by repeating these words over and over, the person will believe that it really is, despite the facts. And this “belief in oneself” will supposedly help one achieve one’s goals easily and effortlessly.

Examples of these statements: I am the most attractive and attractive, all men are pleased with me, I live easily, I perceive every event with joy, difficulties pass me by, I get everything from life, everything works out for me, everything in life depends on me, I can do anything, etc. and such.

In scientific psychology, such statements are called enthusiastic beliefs. A significant number of adherents of this technique fall into an euphoric state of varying intensity, which is also often called a manic state. It is characterized by the individual’s inability to adequately assess the difficulty of tasks and the time required to accomplish them, due to the belief that one can do ANYTHING! In fact, he imagined himself to be an all-powerful god.

The danger of this technique is that the higher one flies in this ecstasy, the more painful the contact with reality becomes. After all, it is impossible to be the most attractive and attractive for everyone, not everything in life depends on the person himself, and negative emotions are the same daily norm as positive ones.

It’s not that bad. Life is colorful like a mosaic we have created over the years. And trying to remove black and gray pieces from this mosaic will leave the picture full of holes and incomplete.

Let’s not forget that most “easy way” sellers have never created anything in their lives other than virtual trails and marathons.

And if you look at entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes, family members, musicians who are truly successful in the real world, it turns out that the time and effort they devote to their work does not allow them to run marathons and create video courses. About successful achievement.

Be more mature, believe in hard work, not “easy ways”, and success will come to you.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the position of the editors.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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