Impressive Andalusian baron

She insisted that everyone call her Juanma, she succeeded, her admiration eroded, and she was from Malaga in 1970. He was born on the edge of Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​where his family had emigrated, and ran a small business. She returned to Andalusia in just two months. Protocol graduate. He’s not intellectual, but he’s an emotionally intelligent man who listens, learns, and lets others be bad. Writer Antonio Burgos liked to mock him in his columns by calling him Moreno Nocilla. For soft. Made him the favorite son of Andalusia

Juanma Moreno completed the typical itinerary once promoted by major political organizations as the quarry, PSOE and PP for their puppets: membership in the party’s youth wing, in this case the Next Generations. Organic matters, triangulations, member of parliament in the city of Malaga in 1995 to lead the fields of Youth and Sport. Then, the chairmanship of the organization at the national level. proxy wherever they sent me between 2000 and 2011 (it was for Cantabria); Executive secretary of the party, which has an office in Genoa. Then, as we now know, the party is the most controversial. And finally, man: Foreign Minister in the Mariano Rajoy Government. Social services. His time in this position is where he is often hit hardest, as his rivals accuse him of withholding funds from various social programs. Especially addiction. He was a senator from 2014 to 2017 for the supremacy of livelihood and protocol (which was recently done with Juan Espadas). After this political curriculum that was almost complete as a young man, what it means to be young today has finally come to a mission. Almost four years ago. A task in which neither his senders nor he believed in much: running for president of Andalusia after Arenas, worn out, he had not been successful in the four times he tried. The Casadistas waited for defeat in 2018 to slash the neck of a professional sororista. But who remembers Casado today?

Moreno is lucky. Star. Baraka was rewarded as Zapatero. And he was able to take advantage of it.

Moreno is the man in the street. It almost adopted Arenas’ motto: one week, two years. He travels, jokes, walks, (because he certainly is) plays the role of a normal person, and believes his plumbers fight, make tough decisions, and exercise authority means appointing small delegates, signing papers, sitting down in the country. Put them in boxes or manage to put the word vice president on the business card. The government has been dealing with everyone for months because of the election date. This was done between January and May of this year. Manage egos. And research the matter and settle it. After nearly four years in power as Ciudadanos’ partner and with outside support from Vox, those he personally hated, fate gave him another interesting wink: he was rewarded with the role of ultras hostage. Now it’s your dam of protection. We’ll see how long Macarena Olona lasts as a junior member of the opposition. Moreno activated the helpful vote. Not only did it absorb all the Ciudadanos. It also enjoyed the achievements of many socialists who would understand from the PP that a government alone is better than a PP-Vox government. Mostly residing in Seville but owning a house in Malaga, where his mother lives, Married and father of three, Moreno has grown into a political figure and is already the most important baron of the PP. He was a musician in his youth, reaching acceptable dating quotas with the band Fourth Protocol, but what he now tunes into is the Andalusian PP, who has always been blamed for not having a presence in the countryside or inland. Now he has plenty. There is slight talk of the overthrow of Andalusia, but the PP ruled major cities for many years, not a few councils. Considering the PP won 26, in addition to Ciudadanos winning 21 seats in 2018, it gives an idea of ​​the size of the conservative, centrist vote at the time. Moreno managed to surround himself well. Elias Bendodo currently plays a special role with three members of the party at the national level. A self-confident man, he is the former president of the Diputación de Málaga and a prominent political plumber from his position as Presidential adviser until now. He came up with the casting and ran the campaign. Moreno completely agrees with Feijóo, who took this victory personally because he was involved. He said that if he gets an absolute majority, he will get a tattoo. Moreno is not Feijoo. But those recorded in the fire will be tonight. He soon realized that a light Andalusianism, a strong non-sovereign regionalism, the PSOE style in its glory years, in Galicia the Feijóo style was distinctive and cross. The most salable political product. This and his talk of lowering taxes, along with the attacks on Sánchez and the clamor that Andalusia is now a locomotive, has cemented his image over the years. He was the only man of his generation who wanted to be 55, and he outstripped them.

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