Good start. The first RFEF 2022-2023 has already prepared its roadmap. Alcoyano, Intercity, La Nucía and Eldense already know that they will start the new season in group 2 and with it they will avoid facing big budgets like Alcorcón, Deportivo de la Coruña, Córdoba, Fuenlabrada and Real Madrid. Castile. Four Alicante clubs will face teams Catalans, Basques, Navarrese, La Rioja and in case of three, they will repeat in front of you. Royal Murcia. The option that started as a favourite was discarded, one, the option dividing the category between North and South, and the three dividing the map diagonally by orientation, were imposed by a very scanty simple majority. West East.

Five teams from the community together with Castellón next year jumping into professional football This is the goal that everyone, without exception, sets for themselves, despite the enormous difficulty it entails, especially for those new to the third category.

First RFEF Group 1 Components RFEF

Group 2 Primary RFEF Components RFEF

People from Alicante must travel Catalonia facing Nástic and Sabadell, the two traditional rivals in the Second Division; or to Cornellá and Barcelona B. They will travel more kilometers to reach the Basque Country, where they will cross paths with affiliates of the Athletic Club and Real Sociedad, and where Amorebieta and Real Unión de Irún await them. Three times they will have to go to La Rioja, twice to Logroño –UD Logroñés and SD Logroñés– and another to Calahorra. They will face Osasuna’s subsidiary in Navarra and the Second Division classics Numancia de Soria in Castilla y León. The only route outside the peninsula will be Palma, where Atletico Baleares awaits.

In This Group Alcorcón, Ceuta, Mérida, Algeciras, Badajoz, Fuenlabrada, Córdoba, Rayo Majadahonda, Cultural Leonesa, Dux Internacional de Madrid, Linares Deportivo, Pontevedra, Racing de Ferrol, Real Madrid Castilla, Linense, Celta de Vigo B, San Fernando, Sanse and the Unionists.

league starts 28 August and it will continue with a double match until 25 June 2023, the day when the promotion play-off ends. Group champions go straight.