Surprise in San Telmo

The phrase “surprise at Las Gaunas” went viral long ago, a catchphrase used by radio announcers every time Logroñés managed to score a goal against one of the best in their stadium. Since then, it has often been used to make irony a related fact that does not cause much surprise or, on the contrary, preserves its extraordinary spirit that never ceases to amaze us. The phrase slips with unusual appropriateness into the speeches of the opposite sign, the same as “I’m not telling you anything”, which is the same for baptism as for a funeral. While the scrutiny was practically unchanged, the People’s Party won a historic absolute majority in Andalusia, the legacy of the PSOE and Podemos collided, and Ciudadanos, swallowed by the PP’s beneficial vote, disappeared. Surprise in Las Gaunas. Vox will be irrelevant, given the absolute majority that Moreno Bonilla has achieved. Surprise in Las Gaunas and surprise in San Telmo, the seat of the Andalusian Government.

Let the latter spread. The news in these elections wasn’t about the Socialists failing or the C’s going extinct. What mattered to us, neither of these two possible scenarios was a surprise. Moreno’s victory, even the PPs whose initials were hidden during the campaign, left no room for doubt, but it is highly probable that the absolute majority, not even the popular candidate himself, expected it. The other voice was given by Vox’s disinterest in 14 MPs (with almost 100% of the votes counted). And henceforth, it’s about the vulgar, obsolete, war-civilian, homophobic, xenophobic and sexist discourse of the far right being lost in the anecdotes of history.

Feijóo received in Galicia and Juanma Moreno in Andalusia; but previously, Díaz Ayuso applauded them in Madrid, and Mañueco agreed to it in Castilla y León. There is a before and after of Andalusia, which left its mark on the new roadmap. While we may not agree with Juanma Moreno’s views, society should breathe a sigh of relief at the Andalusian results, because democracy triumphs over intolerance, moderation triumphs over exploding. Not only Feijóo, but also the rest of the regional barons who continue to flirt with Vox in autonomies with historical phases of centre-right government, such as the Community of Murcia or Valencia, should also take note.

Moreno also reduced all the abbreviations, especially Ciudadanos, possibly PSOE. The popular leader of Andalusia even managed to steal his best-known slogan “yes we can” from the left. And yes, he could. Now, let’s trust that the entire People’s Party understands the message.

Source: Informacion


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