Most anticipated bonfires: Purifying temporary art

Three years of long dormancy seemed like an eternity. But they are here again. We all long for gunpowder, light, music, tradition, dreams, gastronomy, colour, art, noise and above all excitement on both an environmental and emotional level. This year, San Juan’s Bonfires symbolize more than ever before the purifying power of fire, its ability to exorcise the demons of the pandemic. Each of us will throw bad memories and uncertainties into the fire of the Nit de la Cremá, the shortest night of the year, to rise from the flames with more strength and spirit than ever before.

This return will not leave anyone indifferent, because we are thirsty for bonfires, we are thirsty for fun, we are carefree, because we deserve the reward for returning to normal, restoring our traditions, festive bustle, foggy friends.

These days Alicante will present its best promotional image to the whole world. A melting pot of nations will live with us these days, and so that this coexistence is a beautiful memory that lives in the memory, we have installed an extraordinary safety device so that everyone from the Sub-Government Delegation can enjoy the party.

Emergency and Civil Protection personnel will monitor an extraordinary safety device for the San Juan Bonfires, consisting of more than 2,000 personnel from different security forces (National Police, Civil Guard, Autonomous Police and Local Police), along with firefighters and health. So the parties work smoothly.

Two of the points that will be given special attention are the coordination of the security forces, the fight against bottles, the increase of vigilance in racos so that minors do not consume alcohol. -So-called “purple dots”, which are information points for combating sexist violence in parties to be established by the Alicante City Council.

From these pages I would like to highlight the quiet, unknown but essential work of a number of people, multiplying their professional zeal and expertise, rather than enjoying these festive days like the rest of Alicante. everything works normally; By State Security Forces and Bodies, firefighters, emergency personnel and Civil Protection, I mean health workers; Where any unforeseen event is duly calculated, we owe them all safe bonfires.

To illustrate the magnitude of the security operation implemented, I will simply say that the National Police Provincial Police Station in Alicante will allocate radio patrol vehicles belonging to the Citizens’ Attention Groups with the function of preventing Crime and providing first aid to the victim; Operational Response Groups will be located where and at times of greatest conflict; Prevention and Response Units, to maintain public order in case of possible disturbances of a certain intensity; Mobile Transportation Brigade will serve at transportation stations; and Motorcycle Units for rapid response in the vast majority of locations; and police vehicle will be completed with support from Aircraft Service (helicopter) and Security and Airborne Protection Service (drone and anti-drone), Cavalry Corps and special Dog Guides Unit and TEDAX.

The Civil Guard, for its part, will deploy agents from the Arms Intervention to control masks, forts, and fireworks sales booths, as well as from the Maritime Service and the Traffic Sub-Sector to control access to the capital.

Regarding the Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Service, 150 firefighters, almost the entire workforce, as well as 29 vehicles, including cars and trucks, will be active on the night of Cremá.

Finally, I offer my emotional and justifiable respects to all those who make art and art, such as barracks, foggers, pyrotechnicians, Fallas artists, belleas, who sacrifice themselves for these festivities 365 days a year. bonfire festivities are possible every year.

And I wish the people of Alicante to experience these unique festivities with passion and enthusiasm, but also responsibly. I can say that the magnificent nature of the monuments and the hypnotic appeal of fire mean that anyone who comes to the city to satisfy their curiosity at this time is finally trapped forever in the mystical magic of the San Juan Bonfires.

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