merit of entrepreneurs

One of the most striking issues in the post-COVID pandemic period, the high capacity of many citizens to enable new businesses and businesses to open, clearly shows that one of the keys to the future of society is now. entrepreneurs. Indeed, it is about a group of citizens who, with extraordinary courage, decide to face the challenge of starting a business or a small company. And not just to get a job by starting your own company, but also to hire other people you hired to start your business.

It is therefore absolutely surprising to see how in the current situation business openings and above all the openings of small and medium sized companies are taking place, above all, in the new expansion areas where building openings are taking place. and business happens quickly and sequentially, and the dynamics of their creation are at a significantly increasing rate as we see new stores opening. It is true and true that in some regions some businesses have been found to be closing, but this fact of entrepreneurs is undeniable and assumes that there is a fresh and renewed air of people who enter the business world with great effort, know what they are doing and know what they are doing. What are they risking?

This absence, therefore, not afraid of the unknown or of failure, is one of the most important instruments of the spirit that reigns in many citizens, especially in this state where courage is mixed with a distinctive talent. where the need in the customer and where this investment bet will be made in a business that assumes there is a need for citizens, and the entrepreneur is convinced that his bet is fulfilled because it confirms a need for his product or service delivery in the community.

We do not know what it would be like today without entrepreneurs. Without people betting on starting a business. Asking for debt, risking their present and future in order to open up their savings with the risk of losing, or perhaps taking and assuming a debt that they cannot face. in the future. For all these reasons, those who want to open a business should be helped more and better, because they are the ones who create the jobs at the beginning and end of the job, who commit themselves with their labor, risks and business adventure. risking their money, improving society by creating jobs.

This perception is a reality that has recently been confirmed and shows the spirit, drive and interest in improving the economic situation our country is experiencing due to the negative impact of COVID, but finds a great counterweight in Turkey. With this renewed spirit, entrepreneurs who will help mobilize our economy and earn money are again happily wandering around.

But entrepreneurs also need financial assistance and speed up and streamline bureaucratic procedures to make it easier to open businesses and hire workers accordingly. Because everything would be much more difficult without entrepreneurs, so the economy should be encouraged by raising this figure and creating a positive breeding ground, so that people who are considering embarking on this adventure in the business world can make decisions knowing that they are supported. they know that with direct or indirect assistance by the entire society and the Administration, but eventually the procedures for opening a business or any kind of assistance will also be not only economic but also moral support. As can be seen in many sectors of our province and our country, we are strengthening them with this decision, which some are still in their minds and others have begun to implement.

No obstacle can be placed in front of our entrepreneurs, but we must support them with determination. In management, they should see a friend and colleague who helps them, not someone who puts obstacles in front of them to open their business. Without entrepreneurs, all of this would have been much more difficult. Let’s support the entrepreneur and see the trust in the society and the system so that we have more entrepreneurial citizens every day.

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