Anastasia Mironova What’s wrong with Russian feminism 10/02/2023, 12:32

The other day, I learned that the woman whose page I read about the murder of femaktivist Anastasia Emelyanova, who fled to Turkey, was also a femaktivist and settled in Tashkent. I understand? A Russian feminist escapes Russia to a Muslim country, chooses patriarchal Erzurum to live in, meets a Syrian in the basement, prepares to marry him, and eventually finds death at the hands of the person she calls “the most compassionate rabbit.” throughout his life. All this is reported by another feminist living in Tashkent; It is mostly women who still carry heavy bags when the family goes to the market.

If I didn’t live in Russia and were, say, a Swede or, at worst, an American, I would assume that both women left Russia on missionary missions: They thought that women’s equality had been achieved in their country. They took on the plan and mission of educating conservative people. But I am in Russia and I am sure that it was a program failure that brought these feminists to Islamic countries. A person’s cells begin to divide randomly, resulting in cancer. Or the body suddenly attacks itself – we have an autoimmune disease. Similar troubles befell Russian feminism.

Talking about the most important consequences of February 24, we forget to mention among them a huge humanitarian catastrophe, expressed only in the senseless flight from the country of so-called progressive and enlightened people who were under the influence of the falling darkness. According to them, they chose to migrate to poor, backward or patriarchal countries. People suddenly went to countries where very few people shared their ideas. Those fighting for freedom of expression fled to Armenia, Georgia and Turkey. Human rights activists settled in Kazakhstan, Thailand and Uzbekistan. And the migration of feminists to Islamic areas is an oxymoron.

You and I have seen firsthand the failure of Russian feminism. Therefore, it did not exist in Russia except among the first post-Soviet conscription activists. Remember many of the media feminists of the 2010-2020s. These are almost without exception representatives of so-called intersectional feminism. Or simply put, far-left persecution. However, not in Russia’s leftism, not in communist, but in the Western left-liberal understanding. In our country, the stupidest feminism has developed, including money and various donations from Western foundations, which support almost all anti-female phenomena in modern society. For example, our fashionable young feminists, now finding themselves in patriarchal countries, supported paid surrogacy and the legalization of prostitution.

Feminists who resist both and demand a ban on forcing a woman to the point of having to sell herself are considered radicals. This is a worldwide trend instilled in the context of the struggle for women’s right to control their own body.

The same goes for supporting transgender people and fighting for their rights. Here, the story of JK Rowling, who was allegedly persecuted by feminists for refusing to recognize the right of trans women to compete in women’s pageants, go to women’s toilets and occupy women’s jobs, will be told more colorfully than any description of the problem. BT. It would seem where are we and where are transgender people. However, since the mid-2010s we have encountered a group of so-called feminists who have engaged in gender work, promoting “them” appeals to the masses, and signing petitions for the rights of transgender people. We had everything!

Street violence, tyrannical husbands, decriminalization of domestic beatings, women’s excessive preoccupation with daily life and work; All this faded into the background for the bulk of young Russian feminists. There were even activists who, instead of demanding an increase in maternity benefits, encouraged working from home, presenting it as a great benefit and a breakthrough: A woman can continue to work with a baby in her arms after giving birth! In this regard, some large companies in Russia announced that they meet the needs of independent women and allow them to work from home after giving birth. This was discussed and discussed with all its might in the media! Working from home full time instead of maternity leave. With the baby!

Why did feminism adopt all this nonsense from us? Has she reduced the fight for women’s rights to supporting feminism, supporting trans people, and defending a rich woman’s right to buy a poor woman’s child?

I thought for a long time and realized: In reality, our feminists had little to do compared to their American comrades. By the way, there is no maternity leave there. There is no sick leave this way. The workplace can be held by a postpartum woman without pay for 4-12 weeks, with rare exceptions. There are no changes regarding women’s hard work, no ban on firing a pregnant woman, no free medication for all pregnant women, and abortion is a luxury in most states. But there are many so-called women’s rights movements that are often supported by men and therefore lead to pro-masculinist femactivism and outright nonsense. You can’t fight for three years of parental leave there; It makes no sense under their government structure. But you can fight for transgender people’s access to women’s sports; men will pay for it.

Roughly summarized, but that’s exactly the case. There, women are less protected than men. The general feeling of security in prosperous countries does not arise from equality, but from the normal functioning of law enforcement agencies. There are fewer rights, but they are respected.

All violations of women’s rights in our country are largely a result of the low legal culture and the weak work of law enforcement forces. Let me give you an example. In our Novgorod village, an immigrant partner attacked my friend with a knife out of jealousy. The police arrived but no charges were filed. Shortly after, he stole a horse from the same woman. The police arrived immediately, they found the horse, but they did not open this case either – the whole village knows that the criminal made a deal with the department. Soon I contacted the same police with a complaint about my other neighbors: endless music. And again zero results. Three problems but one reason; The police were useless. And I think that if tomorrow another neighbor steals someone else’s car, the victim will face the same lawlessness. If the majority of the police force consists of women, where is the scope for feminist activity in our village?

Most of the problems of women in the European regions of Russia are not due to deliberate inequality, but are the result of non-compliance with the law. Very few women’s problems in Russia today are actually linked to gender discrimination. We still have a strong legacy from the Soviet Union in the form of the Labor Code decree of March 8…

I can say that women in Russia do not feel like they are victims of institutionalized lack of rights, that is, gender discrimination. There is a problem of lawlessness that makes feminism meaningless as a struggle for equality. Our problem today is not not having equal rights, but not being able to protect them. So here we have funny feminists who have been tearing their throats out for years, defending feminism, “polygamy”, the right to 200 types of vibrators, and the interests of trans people. These noisy pseudo-feminists drowned out and drowned out the isolated voices of those called radicals who nevertheless focused on resistance to the resurgent patriarchy and, at the instigation of their “intersectional” comrades. Or radicals. By the way, such feminists once documented me as a publicist and my friend as a polyglot.

Fighting for the expansion of femininity, surrogacy, and pronouns, these fighters pushed anti-female norms in Russia under the guise of defending women’s rights: working with a baby at the breast, the right to sell a woman’s body, preferring the interests of trans women to the community, etc. Not out of malice, I just wanted to be fashionable and necessary. How can we be feminists in a country where Lenin and Brezhnev already did everything? I had to dismantle the carbon copy of Western activism and engage in nonsense. It is not surprising that they fled to patriarchal Islamic countries at time X. Not a single radical feminist fled there; they remained here, just as they were numerous in Russia. Ordinary women who really wanted to engage in activism fled. Many of these, God forgive them, feminists in exile, have fallen into poverty. There are examples of female activists working on webcams and there are even cases of prostitution. And unfortunately, there is now at least one dead body.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the position of the editors.

Source: Gazeta


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