Vox Tox’s plan is to escape

National characteristics force the most Spanish party imaginable to also be the entity that has most disappointed Spain. Faced with the reality of a country he finds deeply distasteful and for which he votes with diminishing enthusiasm, Vox Tox’s plan is to escape at the slightest opportunity. They had to be brought together at some point Populism and garbage TVSo ultra MPs are looking at the hall as if it were a Telecinco set. They rip off the microphone, throw it on the ringmaster’s chair, and run to get to the Cubatas’ bar first.

Reality has conspired against Vox Tox because it is often implacable with noble motives. The 33 apostles who evacuated the Congress as soon as they heard the primitive languages ​​returned to the congregation to enjoy the sweet Spanish of the PP. How surprised will you be when you see Borja Sémper speaking Basque for longer than Bildu, in an unknown language, but in a language not suitable for Cervantes? Vox Tox’s untouched saviors They had to run again to avoid contamination. Ultra MPs do not receive a daily wage, they sweat.

Always the right almost managed to convince us Because of the weakness of their mortgage with the radical neighbor, Vox Tox offers irrefutable arguments for regionalist conservatives not to support Feijóo. The only unknown at the moment is how many times moderate far-right MPs will leave Congress during the PP candidate’s inauguration speech. It is even possible that they will encounter congressmen who are afraid of the candidate and have hostile relations. Signs will be made mandatory in room corridors, along with the installation of traffic lights to regulate the traffic of illegals. Vox Tox apps are running alongside the launch of headphones, in an attempt at auditory violence, Sánchez pretends he didn’t hear anything. There should be less complex countries, but they are not this one.

Source: Informacion


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