May good vibes triumph

homeostasisSimply put, it is a process in which organisms maintain a constant internal balance regardless of external conditions. In other words: when you feel good, you are homeostatic. And there are many days when one feels good, but there are many days when something, no matter how small, is not right. The shoe rubs your feet, and although it doesn’t cause unbearable discomfort, it does bother you a little. Forces him to limp, put on a band-aid, change his shoes Until the body’s self-regulation process heals the wound and restores the body’s lost balance.

Perfect homeostasis is very difficult to achieve. Poor digestion caused by overeating can ruin it. It’s not serious either. You take an antacid and the balance is soon restored. One day you wake up feeling great, full of vitality, but soon you receive bad news that turns into a headache, for example.

I don’t know.

Body and mind make a monumental effort, minute by minute, to ensure that the forces that compose us harmonize or reach agreements that will allow us to move forward every day of our lives. This means homeostasis is a miracle, a genius, a miracle. Keeping our higher mammal body at a constant temperature of 37 degrees, whether it is hot or cold outside, requires the existence of extraordinary control mechanisms. Sometimes we have a fever, it is true, but as soon as a fever is detected the immune system begins to work to return to normal levels, in most cases successfully.

A. homeostatic society Not a problem-free society, but one in which regulatory apparatuses act to improve health or put it beyond the reach of its absence. extreme pathological levels. And that’s what we seem to be immersed in (and immersed in) as a society right now. What is normal is that good feelings triumph.

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