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We start today Celebrating the first 45 years of the life of the print edition of EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA, from Ibérica Press Group. And we do this with: An exhibition that does not tell our story nor the story we tell during this time, but he looks to the future. There is day because there is night. There is carnival because there is Lent. There is a party because there is work. To celebrate, we do things we don’t do every day. What we present in this exhibition Some of the covers we want to make in the next 45 years and this is the synthesis of what we are and what we want to be. These are not improvisations or graphic design works. They are the result of the intellectual work we do every day in the editorial office, thanks to our experts who listen to explain the facts. And this is how we connect with readers, our raison d’être. We dare to chart a possible future because we’ve been experts at explaining the present for 45 years.

We could choose the 45 best covers in the history of the newspaper by gathering together both the historical facts we tell and the special news published by our journalists. We could have also chosen the 45 heroes we interviewed.

But this cannot be EL PERIÓDICO. It would be long, cumbersome and traditional… To continue to be EL PERIÓDICO, we must change and innovate permanently, paying attention to the demands of society, especially our readers, as the president of Prensa Ibérica said. We did this, we are doing this and we will continue to do this.

However, I ask you to be careful while visiting the exhibition. Two things that are essential components of EL PERIÓDICO.

The first is form. You will see direct, powerful headlines, facts from readers’ perspective and not of those who govern. This is one of the essences of EL PERIÓDICO: Simplify the complex to understand. Some have wanted to belittle us for this reason from the beginning until today. They confused us with a popular newspaper, a tabloid newspaper. But the truth is that so-called serious newspapers are today the same as EL PERIÓDICO was during these 45 years. The future ones will be the same as we are now, on all our platforms: in print, on digital channels, on networks, in the podcast of the Sergi or in the New Letters of Olga Pereda, Gabriel Ubieto, Gemma Martínez, Carol Álvarez or the director of the present.

The first cover of EL PERIÓDICO, on October 26, 1978, In five columns it was written: “Catalan schoolchildren will be loyal to Tarradellas.” “The State will transfer exclusive authority over education to the Generalitat,” he wrote to our rivals, some of whom are no longer here, some of whom are still with us and whose 142nd anniversary we also celebrate. Josep Pla quite rightly said: Writing short is more difficult than writing long. To be concise and concise in a mobile alert, you need to be much better informed and documented than rambling on in three volumes. So behind each of these 45 covers is the intellectual work of an entire editorial team filled with experts who understand reality and work to make it understandable. We are all ordinary people on subjects in which we are not experts. Therefore, we all need to understand what is happening, strengthen ourselves and decide our future. What we do every day are the covers that synthesize the information to be shared.

The second component of EL PERIÓDICO’s personality that I want you to focus on in the exhibition We’ll see how cover themes reflect our editorial goals. I will not tire you again by telling you that we are the information platform it focuses on. People, Planet and Progress barcelona and from Catalonia. In this exhibition, you will find the synthesis of the editorial product with which we celebrate our first 45 years, which you can now access on our website and which we will distribute as a paper supplement at the end of October. We review our society’s progress on 45 key issues to advance people without destroying our planet. We spoke to 45 analysts who predict what might happen in these areas in the next 45 years. Understanding the past to improve the future, As our dynamic marketing department, led by Anna Domènech, has aptly named it.

I would especially like to thank those who put this exhibition together: Rafa Julve, Iosu de la Torre, Joel Mercè, Ricard Gràcia, the editing team and the advertising team headed by the wonderful Judith Pons and Felipe de Lucas, Juan Pedro Armendariz. Mercedes Otalora.

I conclude: Then, now and always, we are the 3 P’s. understand more. We invite you to discuss and build the future around these 45 covers. We invite readers, advertisers, brands and organizations who share these goals to feel at home, This is the house that the editors of Prensa Ibérica maintain and that we share with 26 other newspapers.

So we invite you to celebrate our past, but above all we invite you to celebrate our past. Share the future with us. Don’t hesitate, we need you to be with us as a subscriber or advertiser. Thank you very much and for many years to come!

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