I like to play saccharine. It starts off by saying that stolen saccharine coffee tastes better than processed sugar, and ends without saying good morning. If they bring me an envelope, I ask for another one and put it in my pocket. If they bring me a small bowl with lots of envelopes in it, I’ll take two or three. Sometimes coffee and donuts come to me for the price of seven or sixteen packs. But I never got past three. Saccharin isn’t that expensive, a friend told me I don’t know to whom I confessed to this crime, whether it’s a sweet flaw or a sugary tradition.

Sometimes when I take a jacket from the closet, when I wear it, I find a small envelope in its secret pocket. So I try to remember where I got that envelope, what adventures he had with me and the American, where he traveled, which cafe or restaurant I chose him for. Maybe at a Chinese in Barcelona, ​​at a seafood restaurant in Cádiz, or at a picnic area in Malaga. Maybe at the Ibiza airport or at an entomologist friend’s house, lame and Porto fan.

Sweetened or mild, substitute, little nutritious, it has won so many victories in our society that in some places they bring saccharine straight to you without asking.

-Hey, theorizing; People don’t want to gain weight or have diabetes.

I allow myself the excitement and dizziness that stevia provides so that my life is not so monotonous. One day is one day, I tell myself. But if stevia is natural, sweetened and doesn’t add calories, I don’t know why I’m telling myself anything. So, it will be like saccharin, but not saccharin and not in bars. I make up for the money I spent on stevia by buying saccharin. Of course I can buy a new jacket too. In some places they write stevia instead of stevia, which means sweet grass in pre-Columbian language.

At my supermarket, saccharin, stevia, and other forms of cheating are in the sweets section.

– Man, they won’t be with Iberian ham.

Yes yes but there is nothing for saccharin to go and see chocolate donuts, jam cookies, chocolate bars or custard donuts on the side. I wrote the word bun twice in an article about saccharin. I don’t know if an article on saccharin can sweeten your mornings, or if you’ve read Saccarino, the great character from Ibáñez I read as a teenager, that sweet little life stage where memory sweetens. When you think the whole mountain is sugar.

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