World Recycling Day: What can you do to minimize your carbon footprint?

The linear production and resource management system has an expiration date. This model, which is based on producing, using and throwing away, is now an outdated system and it is a system that we should avoid as a society. The solution is circular economy. And to help mitigate the effects of climate change, the role of recycling in the climate change model circular economy it is extremely important. Thanks to recycling processes, the previous linear model is replaced by an endless loop. produce, use and recycle.

One of the main goals is to reduce the volume of waste generated and minimizing our carbon footprint and for this, recycling is considered the cornerstone of the circular model.

However, there is still much to be done, so on World Recycling Day celebrated on May 17; raise awareness on the importance of proper treatment of waste to protect the environment.

19.8 million recycled waste

Spain’s economy in 2021 138 million tons of waste (approximately 490 kilos per person per year), of which 19.8 million tons (less than 15%) were recycled, producing new products and raw materials. Them 19.8 million recycled waste They have a 3.1% more share in 2021 than in 2020, and generated a revenue of 3,400 million euros from their sales compared to 3,100 the previous year.

According to the results of the “Big Figures of the Recycled Waste Industry 2022” report prepared by IFMA Spain, metal waste collected more than 60% of the total volume recycled last year, the paper and cardboard segment gathered just over 20%. The rest corresponded to wood, glass and plastic.

Still, numbers and statistics show that The current recycling system in Spain continues to fail. Despite the years since the container system was implemented, the latest figures (2021) show that Spain will not be able to reach the minimum levels set by the European Union for several decades.

This municipal waste recycling rate 35%According to the circular economy report presented by the Cotec Foundation, it is far from the 50% target set by the European Commission and the European Union average of 48%. This recycling percentage is 20 points below the 55% target set by the EU for 2025.

In this way, the European Commission recommends that many member states, including Spain, better apply the principles of the circular economy, particularly with regard to: Water and energy savingblocking waste, recycling of materialsintroduction reuse Y repairs and widespread use of secondary raw materials.

three R rules

First: to reduce. When making a purchase, try to buy products with as little packaging as possible in bulk. Possibly none. Do not use cloth bags.

reuse: breathe new life into things that no longer serve us. Before you throw them away, consider that they can be used for something else: bottles, bags and cardboard boxes can have a variety of uses and can be used as flower pots, decorations, building things etc. can serve as

Y recycle: Most of the materials we use are recyclable. It depends on institutions and ourselves. For example, recycling 1,000 kg of paper saves the lives of 17 trees.

Orihuela celebrates World Recycling Day by improving results

Last year 2021 closed with a total of 3723 tons of selective waste at its source.

The Department of Street Cleaning and Urban Solid Waste strives to improve public service delivery, with special emphasis on producing public services under appropriate conditions. productive and contribute to the improvement of environmental aspects. This to collect selective waste not only include: recycle paper/cardboard, container/plastic and glass as well as goods collection, mobile Ecopark service and pruning collection in the coastal area.

Guillermo Cánovas Vergel, Member of Parliament for the region, city clean Y sustainable The cooperation of everyone, neighbors and management is necessary, so we must be aware of working together in recycling and helping the environment. selective waste collection.

This joint effort to separate Y recycle From the source of the waste, it not only has an environmental impact, but also has an economic value, as direct revenue from each home in Orihuela to the City Council is estimated by Ecoembes at around €264,000. you have to add Savings of around 128,802 Euros this means not taking this waste to treatment and disposal facilities, therefore, between the direct fertilizers and the savings at the plant, about 400,000 Euros less than the cost of processing the waste for Orihuela residents.

Guillermo Cánovas Vergel, Councilor for Street Cleaning and Urban Solid Waste.

already working on it new awareness campaign With the increase in selective collection containers from Street Cleanup to be introduced in the coming weeks, there is a notable improvement in both the vehicles available to Orihuela residents and the service delivery.

Even after the extension of the agreement with Ecoembes in the next few days 35 new side-loading containers Y 15 top loading for selective collection of containers to be added 25 rear loading currently serving markets and events to facilitate recycling efforts under Comprehensive waste plan of the Valencian Community.

Last year 2021 total 3,723 tons of selective waste at sourceA figure that doubled the 2016 data and increased year-on-year.

Vega Baja Sustainable Consortium a firm commitment to improving recycling

Teresa Belmonte, president of the Vega Baja Sustainable Consortium, on Cleanup Day.

Today, World Recycling Day, the Vega Baja Sustainable Consortium underlines its commitment to minimizing waste. a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world. To meet this challenge, the Consortium various environmental education and management activities.

Last April, the Vega Baja Consortium, cleaning day. On this historic day More than 1500 neighbors collected 15 tons of waste Different natural places of Vega Baja. Thanks to the effort and work of the neighbors, the incredible landscapes of this region are breathing fresher than ever before. included in the European initiative Let’s Clean Up EuropeCleaning Day largest voluntary waste collection in history of the region.

The consortium organized various environmental education and management activities.

On 12 May, the Vega Baja Consortium, together with Ecoembes and Generalitat Valenciana, promoted the conference Sustainable Improvements in Waste Management in Vega Baja. Targeting the consortium’s municipal politicians and technicians, the meeting discussed mechanisms to improve the initial segregation and campaigns to address such campaigns. combating the abandonment of waste, Like the Libera project.

Grupo Braceli makes a significant “contribution” to the circular economy

Braceli’s team is very sensitive.

Grupo Braceli is a dedicated company. comprehensive waste management, recycling and recovery of all kinds of waste ferrous and non-ferrous. It provides comprehensive services for industrial containers, scrapping, industrial demolitions and environmental management including the management of electrical and electronic equipment.

For Jonathan Braceli, the group’s operations manager, it’s crucial to deliver the tools available. best environmental service for your suppliers and customers. Likewise, commercial director María Chornopyska greatly appreciates that Grupo Braceli’s doors are open Monday through Saturday, because “our services serve companies and people whose waste must be taken into account for the proper management of their waste. proximity to its customers and suppliers, with special care in the professionalism of its employees and in their work sensitivity for the future of the planet.

According to CEO Javier Ricart, the entire human team is very sensitive to the environment and regularly attend courses and training programmes.

Group manager Carlos Braceli said: “This is important as the linear system of our economy (raw material extraction, production, use and disposal) has reached its limit. To raise awareness in society about the importance of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling».

Grupo Braceli a significant “contribution” to the circular economyBecause small waste producers or individuals can empty the waste they produce or collect in their facilities so that they can be included in the production chain and “converted” into new raw materials.

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