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The report makers’ ability to tell stories that capture us is pristine. At The Ring Actors, we got even closer to the group of practitioners in Spain with what we call “pressure capture.” Some fans of an unprofessional sport since the eighties of the last century, the shows have declined, they are now presented as free exhibitions. Without enough hobbies created, its cultivators cannot survive with it. A pro earns one hundred euros per fight.

The two “black pillars” of journalism, the program’s founders Carlos Enrique and Ignasi Rodriguez, with more than three hundred deliveries behind them, were responsible for bringing us closer to the reality of these fighters, contrary to popular belief. even if real blows, fights are scripted and choreographed. Some cannot fight without a mask. As in the theater, it is he who transforms them into the character they want to be.

Since the point is to tell the story like in a movie and hook the public, no one cares whether they are assigned the role of winner or loser depending on the fight. There is no doubting the adrenaline that kept them in the ring from the first moment they stepped into the ring. What makes them not feel the wildest falls. Even the ones that occur backwards on a pile of golden thumbtacks.

The report reinvents itself every week, penetrating certain shadowy areas, unknown faces of our society. Annoying, irritating, or simply disguised. What is unfair is that it is television that corners such an excellent program.

Source: Informacion


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