Maria Degtereva Take off your white coat! About people who are “better than others” 03/22/2023, 09:48

Social networks gave the news: The cultural capital of our country, St. A monument to the White Coat was erected on the embankment of the Fontanka River in St.
I think this is the most important cultural event for our country. It is the second most important painting after the publication of the artist Kopeikin’s painting “A Man and His Cattle”, which in my humble opinion describes all personal relationships in general and should at least hang in the Louvre.

Of course I would erect a monument to the White Coat in one of the central halls of the Hermitage, but who will ask me? But it describes the global, bright and most important indestructible phenomenon of our time. On any social network, under each text or video you can find the White Coat.

“I had dinner with meatballs,” writes blogger Vasily and adds a photo: a plate of meatballs mentioned above.
Among others, the conditional Claudia Stepanovna, who wrote something like the following in the comments, was made mandatory: “But I don’t eat dumplings! What they are made of is unknown, and cholesterol in general is harmful.

Or let’s say culture watcher Petrov says: “I really like the new album of the N group.”
In the comments, Zinaida Protopopovna immediately takes shape with a speech:
“I don’t listen to this! In my family they only prefer classical music, all this modern music is for the uneducated masses.

The main and main task of the white coat is to tell the layman that the coat in general is higher, cleaner and brighter than anyone else. He feels more subtle, he thinks more noble. Any human flaw, the coat, is absolutely foreign to him. There is no sin behind it, the coat is not found, there is absolutely nothing to blame him for. Unlike the orphan and miserable layperson (author of the post, author of the comment, public person – it doesn’t matter). My mother expresses such a position in life with the words “I’m not like that, I’m a ruble more expensive”.

Worse still, the number of White Coats is constantly increasing, both online and in real life. They probably reproduce by budding feathers. Or the rhetoric of the age of resentment makes the fur grow and grow like pineapples in a greenhouse.

But the truth is: there are so many white coats that they now have their own memorial!

Actually, how can I distinguish a normal person from a White coat? Very simple. If you see a phrase that begins with the words “Never …” (hereinafter – variably, but the commentator necessarily contradicts the author and the majority of supporters), or “Shame? ..” or vaguely but loudly crying about morality and conscience – most likely White in front of you apron.

How to behave in White coats on the Internet to save time and, most importantly, nerves? There is a wonderful technique called psychological aikido. It was constantly used by the hero of Yaroslav Hasek, the brave soldier Schweik, so the technique is sometimes called “schweikido”.
“You’re an idiot, Schweik!
– Yes sir!
And the discouraged gentleman is quickly left behind, dissolving like fog.
– Shame on you writer! – writes me a commentator in a white coat, decorated with hydrangea for some reason.
“I am so ashamed,” I sigh, “I will go and repent and drink three hundred drops of spiritual valerian at the same time.

And the White Coat is withdrawing. It’s probably already embarrassing another writer on another page. But what’s the point? As my best friend said, “This is not the point”.

In a word, I will be in St. Petersburg – I will definitely take pictures with the monument. And I recommend it to everyone!

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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