PSPV counts on a convicted mayor and two candidates awaiting trial in Vega Baja

HE PSPV-PSOE trust Vega Baja in three candidates for the ongoing municipal elections. Louis Vincent Matthew The mayor of Benferri since 1999 has been sentenced to four months in prison and ordered to pay compensation. 42.000 Euros from workplace harassment to City Hall secretary. Payment to be paid by the City Council if the appeal fails and the mayor cannot deal with it. He will object.

Benferri mayor Luis Vicente Mateo in a file image Tony Seville

Michael LopezThe deputy mayor -mayor for a significant portion of his current tenure- Benejuzar’s and provincial representative Michael Lopez He will be tried immediately after the election. Alleged election crime for soliciting votes by mailbox prior to 2015 campaignAlready in a postponed trial in 2021.

Benejúzar deputy mayor and provincial deputy Miguel López TONY SEVILLE

To the oldest mayor of the region, Jose Manuel Butron Sanchez Order Court No. 2 in Torrevieja opened an oral hearing in September 2020 for: an allegation of employee harassment, perjury, and bribery by an officer. The prosecution is seeking a one-year prison sentence. The procedure against which the deputy mayor Belén Juárez was also charged and could not be appealed. Signaling just waiting for oral hearing Provincial Court.

Mayor of Los Montesinos, José Manuel Butrón

Small towns, senior mayors

The municipalities of the three mayors have a lot in common. They are some of the smallest in the area.with. And in the case of Benferri and Los Montesinos, their mayor has been in office for decades and continues to sweep with an electoral support of more than 50% on every call they vote. – Touched 70% in some elections -. In Los Montesinos, Butrón is the only mayor whose neighbors recognize him as a municipality. Since he took office in 1991, Montesinos He had left Almoradi.

Proclaimed mayorninth time in a rowat the beginning of the month in the presence of the PSOE general secretary of the province Alejandro Soller.

Luis Vicente Mateo, for whom more than half a dozen complaints have been made in recent years – one of whom appeared at an oral hearing for subsistence and was acquitted – made it public on his social networks this Tuesday, after revealing the sentence served to him this Tuesday. He did not mention that he would appeal for February when he was imprisoned, and did not mention the possibility of resigning or withdrawing from the candidacy.


This newspaper tried yesterday to find out the official position of the PSPV Organization Secretary on public offices that he can trust as mayors for whom legal proceedings have failed. Also from county address, same result.

While accusations of corruption poured in on the Community-wide representatives of the People’s Party, During the 2011-2015 mandate, PSOE The red line was imposed when it came to separation at the opening of the oral hearing, and it was imposed on the others. Now the criterion is more flexible. It is said that the investigation is about corruption. And all positions in city halls are said to be subject to complaints.

Socialist sources go into detail in the case of Luis Vicente Mateo, assuring that he has not been convicted of corruption – the civil case is handled by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office – and points to the victim of harassment, the abuser. The reason for the conflicts in the City Council is not the mayor, but the secretary-controller.


PP president in the province yesterday toni perez and the popular coordinator in Vega Baja, María Gómez, mayor of Almoradi, rLuis Vicente shouted at Mateo to resign from his post and demand it if he did not resign. Ximo Puig. He also talked about the situation of Miguel López, deputy mayor and deputy of Benejúzar, who was declared mayor.

While the PP did not seek this out, it has recently set its own criteria for making the decision: it fired the deputy mayor of Torrevieja, carmen gomez. He was charged with perjury in two trials, one sponsored by the Anti-Corruption. He resigned when an oral trial was opened in one of the cases.

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