Bob Dylan turn off all cell phones

Last night the divine entered the scene Blanca Portillo and began his monologue Silence when a cell phone ringtone is heard. With the stress of the moment, I could feel my cortisol levels rise, and all the pig’s names were on the tip of my tongue. Dozens of spectators shifted vaguely in their seats, reacting to the rudeness. Although the intervention was short-lived, it was difficult to return to function. Get inside sophisticated text Juan Mayorga Adapting the introductory speech at the Royal Academy of Languages ​​and addressing precisely the meaning of the absence of noise, of what is not said. How much garbage. Silence the phones for once. They remind us of him in the cinema, in the theater, it’s okay. They either make noise or prick in front of your face. We cannot enjoy the moment, we are too busy immortalizing it. The man who took a flash photo at a classical ballet dazzled the neighbors. The woman who recorded the entire Peter Pan musical with a large device blocked the boy sitting behind her. He’s the one who had a live show at the top of his lungs during Rosalía’s concert and had to be interrupted because the audience, who paid well for the ticket, nearly ate it. The man who lost the Spielberg plan, which recorded a mass in the Valencia cathedral, to the anger of the parishioners, why was there any need to carry such a memory. Where will all these hours and hours of recordings go? Is it really moments of glory and memory, or is it a Diogenes syndrome affecting cell phones? I don’t look at anything I’ve accumulated in myself, all that wasted memory. And aside from the millions of tracks available online for all the shows in history, from the school festival to your cousin’s batucada or the private Beyoncé concert, I very much doubt anyone knows.

Bob Dylan’s tour of Spain with twelve concerts in eight cities in June with the motto of his 39th album Rough and Rowdy Ways has been announced these days. Mobile are free performances. To enter, each spectator must leave his device in a special box, which will be delivered at the door and allow the passage of signals, so that in an emergency the person can be placed in an area set up for this purpose. The Nobel Prize in Literature does not like to be distracted by thousands of phones being pointed at him and seeks a clean atmosphere. “When we lose the technological crutches we are used to, our eyes open a little more and our senses become a little sharper,” he explains from their office. This non-negotiable condition has already been imposed by other artists, with different fortunes and for certain venues: Madonna, Kate Bush, Alicia Keys or Bruno Mars. For years, musician Jack White, who loves to improvise on stage, has demanded to give up cell phones as a way to show rock and roll the homage to opera or theater (almost always); also to enable the public to communicate better and enjoy a more lively experience and musicians without being nervous due to constant follow up. Whether for these reasons or to protect the rights to official recordings, it will be liberating to see Dylan’s concerts without ready-made devices. It’s like going back to the 20th century.

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