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The US Treasury announced a reward for information on the property of Russian oligarchs. They call it the return of the assets of the kleptocracy. You know, in my publications people are worried every day, everyone is very interested: to whom is the return of assets? Where? I read these debates, looked at the reaction of our people – controversial term, but very useful here – to the immigration of liberals, not corrupt officials from the country, but simply, liberals, so to speak, and I understand: here is the 90’s that I talk a lot about, write a book about because I try to argue that I am a mockery of the Liberal order. s trauma. Yes, yes, the same as the one who just ran away.

I once wrote lengthy essays about Russia’s inability to reconcile with liberal thought because two monsters stood between the country and the preachers of liberal thought: ’90s resentment and privatisation. And while there is no consensus between the liberal intelligentsia and the population on these two points, liberals in Russia have nothing to do: even if they do not find the democrats of the 90s by age, they are strongly associated with them, and therefore strongly associated with them. losses, poverty, deprivation of rights, banditry, loss of human dignity.

Have you read what people are saying about freezing accounts, confiscating assets? They’re angry that Russia didn’t take it first. And they’re glad that at least someone will do it. Few liberal economists and politicians raised the issue of privatization during these years. Among them, I remember the economist Vladislav Inozemtsev, who has repeatedly written that over the past ten years, the public has not forgotten and has not yet accepted privatization, and that the institution of property cannot exist without its acceptance and reconciliation. As I recall, Inozemtsev proposed in the 90s to impose a more etiquette tax on assets and capacities acquired through privatization: perhaps imposing an additional tribute on them, on a one-off basis. Just as a gesture of justice. So that people can see it with their own eyes: yes, the state not only expresses remorse in words, it also speaks out injustice in practice.

The Russian people are distinguished by an unnatural craving for justice, hence our troubles. It is strange to think that even a hundred years ago a people who owned land jointly and every year exchanged shares in a circle with one another, in a way that harmed the productivity of agriculture, and only so that all shares could be used fairly. forget about customization.

How long ago did Yuri Dud’s movie about Shirley Myrli come out? Then everyone was discussing the 1990s collectively. And various beautiful people sighed in disdain for the darkness: Who cares about these nineties? And in response to the memories of privatization, they completely bent their fingers at their temples: people have long forgotten everything, but they remember that they themselves have private apartments and cottages, no one wants to share anything.

True, they did not demand division according to a new one – our people are not like that and bloodthirsty. But he did not forget anything. We can all be convinced of this right now: look how some Yeltsin rejoices at the thought of oligarchs being robbed abroad. People, of course, are upset that the US Treasury will not return everything to them, but the anger at the injustice of black redistribution perpetrated in the 90s, on the contrary, is so great that it overshadows selfish motives. A man deceived by the redistribution of land a hundred years ago wants the rich to be punished for injustice. And it seems that our people do not care: everything will go back, if not to the treasury, that is, to society, so at least let it go to the American homeless or Italian workers.

A hundred years ago, the crowd followed the slogan: “Take and divide!”. And today – think about it – people are so annoyed by injustice that they don’t even agree to share. take away! take away! At least leave it to yourself, even launch these yachts into space, but the holy “take away!” keep your promise.

This is where the demands of companies leaving Russia to nationalize their capacities come from.

There is no consensus on privatization in Russia. The government somehow tried to achieve this at the level of assessments, but the liberals did not. On the contrary, they stressed that they thought it was overdoing the need to voice injustice everywhere, and even made fun of it about the only way to dispose of large state property at the time.

Here’s the result: People are happy when they hear the news that another country has promised to dig up our oligarchs. Loan auctions for loans and people in despair over Yeltsin’s “hurricane” sat comfortably in front of the television and watched the multi-episode show “So don’t mess with anyone.” It does not matter that they will not return: the main thing is that they – TEX – have one yacht, one mansion less.

As the Americans say, when this great quest for the existence of our kleptocrats began, I ran a post asking for the names of people they wanted to include on their list of candidates for gutting Americans, people quickly started suggesting. … various businessmen, politicians, political technologists and even TV stars from the 90s. They were not worried about modern generals, ministers or TV presenters, but about the heroes of the 90s. Of course, the ministers also create some excitement. But if we are talking about the fact that you can cause trouble for someone here and now, people immediately remember the businessmen of the 90s. Because he perceives them all as a common enemy, moreover, with a cannibalistic attitude.

Our so-called progressive section of society made a big mistake by deciding that the population has a short memory and that crime is absurd. Everyone remembers everything, the 1990s was engraved in people’s memory as a real genocide. This is the hardest time for the vast majority of Russians over 25. This fact could only be ignored or even dismissed in complete drunkenness.

Liberal elites could do no worse than repeat all those years of the ’90s as a time of opportunity and their best years. The units realized they were wrong. The rest kept repeating their simple song from year to year, from decade to decade, repeating that in the ’90s they were blind and deaf, their only concern was to fill their bellies at a feast, settle in and settle in a warm place. disable a local oligarch’s first computer for editing.

Then they suddenly thought that people forgot everything. “But who cares about these ’90s now?” “You still remember the Tokhtamysh times.” This was a big mistake. And it can be seen that the liberal elite, for example, called the departure of Galina Yuzefovich, in these weeks accompanied the “privileged eviction”, in the flurry of genuine hatred, people did not forget anything.

In the late 2010s, “The population paid a lot of money for the country to be decommunized. The price and the number of victims are not yet known. State the price.” And you know? Almost all of the people who fled Russia now, complaining, shouting and complaining about how many stupid cattle there are left in the country, said that I started the ’90s thing and it was rare that I had a difficult childhood experience. Yeltsin’s political strategist said that because we live so hard, my family and I are the unlucky ones, and it should be asked of my family, who at that time could not provide me with a safe, quiet life. “Price? Wait, Anastasia, it was the best time for the country.

Now tens of millions of people are chasing after them victorious, paying the best of times to escape at the cost of their lives, their children, their health. Nobody forgot anything. Already the children have grown, the grandchildren have begun to read the news, and people remember. To protect themselves, they can forget about the misfortunes and humiliations of the 90s, they can forget about their neighbors and friends who were killed in an alley for a fur hat, stuck under the stairs, driven to suicide from poverty, forget about children. stomach ulcer and the first Snickers bar purchased for four. But they did not forget that well-fed liberal intellectuals and their politicians for many years not only denied the fact of making sacrifices, but also ridiculed it. People seem to remember everything. And about “they didn’t fit in the market” and “who wanted to work”. It is very interesting: the son of the most liberal teacher runs abroad, and a 25-year-old girl from the city of Verkhny Ufaley shouts after him, but he remembers how his grandmother and mother carried pies for trains and agreed to put them. His grandfather is in the hospital with his bandages and medicine.

In Russia, it is difficult for the liberal-minded minority, and for any minority in general, to have to face such an overwhelming majority. Mostly played games are always dangerous, especially if they are as large as in our country. And teasing, kicking, humiliating him was utter imprudence. More than a hundred million people have paid with their living resources for the opportunity for a few in Paris to drink coffee freely. And what did they get in return? humiliation? Words about an age of great opportunity?

Maybe things would be different now if the liberal section of society could convince the public that their sacrifices were not overlooked, known, not covered up and caused sadness. But those who were well fed did not find the necessary words to at least say “We are so sorry”. And it’s too late now.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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