Macron says France is exporting more gas to Spain and Ribera fixes it

to the president FranceEmmanuel Macron continues to slide under his political pressure to promote the construction of Spain or Germany once and for all. midcat pipeline, through the Pyrenees, a project that he still did not consider necessary. “Our priority is electrical connections“, he decided when he arrived at the opening meeting of the European Political Community, held in Prague this Thursday, and on the eve of a meeting. Council of Europe which will focus energy crisis crossing Europe and measures to lower gas prices. According to Macron, the development of the Trans-Pyrenean project will take a very long time, “from 5 to 8 years”, and it is his country that exports gas to Spain, not vice versa.

Are we making full use of existing pipelines? “No, we’re at 50% or 60%. Is there a lot of gas going[to France]en masse? No, it’s France mainly that exports gas to Spain.” very long air. His words caused an immediate reaction from the Spanish Government. Teresa Ribera, third vice-president and minister of ecological transition from the Energy City Foundation in Leon, refuted the French president’s words. “Since March 1, a week after the start of the war in Ukraine, Spain has had a net balance of gas exports to France for 69 percent of the past 219 days,” Ribera said. the time the connection is at its maximum export capacity, ie usage equal to or greater than 80% of its capacity. “An infrastructure running no more than 20% of the day is considered saturated,” she warned.

In his short speech, Macron stated that the question to be asked is “Will we circulate hydrogen in Europe, or rather electricity to do electrolysis”. This is the “strategic discussion” the 27th should have, although in his view France’s priority is clear: “to have more electrical connections in Europe,” he explained. He added that the French government is willing to support all interconnection projects because what Europe needs in the near future is to “generate more electricity and have a renewable and nuclear strategy”.

Environmental Impact

Another point that Ribera also objects is that reminding transporting hydrogen through pipeline “It will be two to four times cheaper and more efficient than carrying electricity over high-voltage lines.” The vice president also put the data on the table. “According to research by the European Hydrogen Backbone, the cost of a 48” new hydro pipeline per 1000 km will be €5/MWh, while for a new 2.8 GW AC overhead power line this will be around €5/MWh. It measured 12/MWh”. Another positive element, according to the vice president, will be the environmental and visual impact and impact on biodiversity of transporting hydrogen through underground infrastructures, as it will be “much lower” than in high-voltage power grids; Bearing in mind that “it will operate as a warehouse, providing more flexibility than electricity to meet changes in demand and production”.

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