New budgets provide 13 million to improve Memory Law

this General budgets of the state For 2023, they foresee 13.95 million euros to develop the actions envisaged in the recently approved contract. Democratic Law of Memory, for example, the creation of a national DNA bank of victims of the Civil War and dictatorship, or the removal of Francoist symbols.

Specifically, itThe new budgets allocate 13,952,000 euros to develop the Democratic Memory Act, slightly higher than the 11,826,300 euros appearing in approved accounts for 2022, with the expectation that the rule will be approved that year.

For this reason, in the statement of the program devoted to the Democratic Memory responsible for the Ministry of the Presidency, Many of the phrases already included in the 2022 budgets are repeated, such as a new national DNA bank and a victim count.

The difference is that the Democratic Memory Act on this occasion has yet to be definitively ratified in the full Senate and is soon to come into effect after being published in the BOE, thus repealing the Historical Memory Act passed in 2007 during the José Luis Rodriguez Government. zapatero

Under the Democratic Memory program New budgets plan to increase interventions in mass graves compared to 2022It goes from 1,000 to 1,200 and from 800 to 1,000.

One of the main goals is Start preparing a national census of victims of the Civil War and the Franco dictatorshipWith an estimate of reaching a thousand people by 2023.

The government plans to collect 50 DNA samples next year. develop a national bank and issue 120 certificates of recognition and compensation to victims The figures for the Civil War and the Franco regime match the figures included in the 2022 forecast.

It also matches: figure of the pits State plans to update the national map with a total of 450.

On the other hand, the number of beneficiaries of subsidies under the direct grant regime increased from 45 to 50 in estimates, and 123 to 130 beneficiaries of subsidies under the competitive system.

The government plans to hold 35 meetings with the families of the victims, ten events to commemorate, among other actions. liberation of the extermination camps and cataloging 200 buildings built by forced labor by the disciplinary battalions of the Franco regime.

In addition, the 2023 budget Plans to allocate candidate grants to city councils of Jaén and Huelva and to the council of Ciudad Real For the exhumation of mass graves from the Civil War.

Other extraordinary actions A census of Francoist symbols to identify as many relics as possible in the Valley of the Fallen, which would later be removed and renamed Valle de Cuelgamuros.

this The 2023 budgets also include actions to promote and announce memory places. because the new law envisions a competition of ideas for the “re-signification” of the Valley of the Fallen, as well as the elaboration of a state inventory of places of democratic memory.

Although not specifying numbers, which are among the targets, Establishment of a commission to examine human rights violations between 1978 and the end of 1983, A temporary margin extended by the government one year after agreeing on an amendment with EH Bildu, extending from the ratification of the Constitution to the beginning of the Felipe González Government.

Other concrete actions The government foresees an exhibition of the anti-Franco student movement in relation to the Memory Law for the year 2023. and another exhibition to commemorate the 200 years since the Liberal Triennium ended.

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